Children Saved in Italy Earthquake

Good news among all the bad! Yes very much a miracle.

Predictions 5-13-17  “During the clean up of destruction a miracle.. the little child found.”



12 thoughts on “Children Saved in Italy Earthquake

  1. It’s great to see great news.

    I have been following Eric’s posts for the last five years and reading all the comments from everyone daily. I don’t usually comment.
    During this time I have witnessed a great deal of animosity and opinions from both sides of political party support in the comments section.
    One of Eric’s post lately got me thinking!
    People will always defend which party they support.

    With the Bush Jnr era, people wanted change and Obama swept to power. Then beacause of the Obama era, people wanted change and Trump swept to power.

    No matter who you support in politics….what if it because they were there it leads to the pathway to the great leader who Eric and spirit predicts.

    “At a later. The military one will rise to the highest office..he will bring nobility to the White House..unite the divided country..and be seen as one of the greatest US presidents of all time..his leadership runs more than eight years.

    1. I love 💖This Military One prediction from Eric and Spirit ! I feel so good, so happy so relieved when I read it . It is a Ray of golden light showing us the way to the end of a dark dingy tunnel. Thank you Eric and Sprit!! Blessings !!!💕💖💓🌈✨

  2. I’m relieved a child was rescued safely…it’s always heartwarming to hear these stories.

    1. It was a family that was saved from under a collapsed 3 story building. 3 brothers… one which is only a 7 month old baby, an 8 y/o, an 11 y/o, and the pregnant mother and the father… a miracle… thank God & their guardian angels.

  3. I’m so glad there was some good news that happened. My prayers to all that were affected. I noticed that California was starting again to shake near Vegas and Palo Alto (usgs earthquake). Coincidentally I was looking at the 5/13/17 prediction yesterday when I posted on Eric’s 8/20/17 Predictions. Something about the coal caught my attention. I was hoping the intense energies would subside now but I think the fallout is still coming.

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