Plane Crash in Texas

This tragic prediction has happened.

Predictions 2-19-16 Texas Shooting   I had a visual of a airplane that had crashed. The plane crashed into something because their was structural debris around it as well.

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  1. Mary Avatar

    I’m confused. What’s the difference BTW shooting and crashed in TX. Was there a shooting in a plane that caused crashed?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Sorry your right it is confusing, the set of predictions included several different messages mostly about texas. The main message was an unrelated shooting.

  2. rhona Avatar

    Mary hi hope your well..understand how it appears confusing ..if you click on predictiin date and scroll down the plane crash is a sub prediction under that thread.

    1. Mary Avatar

      Thanks rhona, I see it as I scrolled it down.

      I just learned there was a shooting at Love Field airport in Dallas yesterday. I don’t know the full story. Can anyone share the link please? Is this related to Eric’s predicted? I think Susan( is that her name )mentioned about Dallas shooting last week. Is this 2 separate events (one last week and one yesterday? )

      I’m catching up with the current news.

      1. Mary Avatar

        Okay, this is too.much all in a week time frame. I’m glad I wasn’t at that airport on the same day. I used the DFW one of the 2 largest airports in Dallas. It occurred A few hours after our arrival. This is too much going on with Collins tropical storm, earthquake of 5.2 in southern CA now the shooting at Dallas airport. And I monitored earthquake for possible tsunami threat to Hawaii. Good news. None happened except the debris and plastic came to coastline of shores that reported of possible “left over” from the Japan’s tsunami in 2011 but scientist was not sure and looking into where it came from.

        I’m just glad to be “home” and closed the door.


  3. Russell Montojo Avatar
    Russell Montojo

    Can you tell us something about the earthquake that you predicted will going to happen here in the Philippines. I live here in the Philippines and I want to be prepared and soI can pray that wont let that kind of thing to happen. Thank you mr Eric Leigh Pink.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      In the next few days I will be asking about it. Hopefully we can get the specifics.

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