Brazil President Faces Impeachment

This prediction looks like its going to happen. A prediction posted last year.

Notes 8-12-15
“The president of Brazil
She took (stole) the money, she has it
Too many lies and secrets
The truth is coming out.
Massive protests demand her removal, her impeachment
Her demise inevitable.
A new cleaner process replaces the old one.
Oh how the mighty have fallen.” — Spirits Voice


18 thoughts on “Brazil President Faces Impeachment

  1. Eric i eas wondering if yiu think 12-4-15 could relate to this prediction…
    ” Her .Get car..the car is bullet proof..gaurds will protect her.” or is it Royalty…

  2. Eric, SWC,
    Brazilian Senate opens session on to discuss and vote on special impeachment committee’s recommendation to continue with proceedings against President Dilma Rousseff – G1


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