Did a Child Slaves Make Your Chocolate Bar

I want to step away from my predictions and talk about something that is burning inside of me.

I learned today that the chocolate your eating and the coffee your drinking was picked by slaves. Children that are slaves. Slaves in the 21st century under the corporate name of Nestle? Nestle!

First I encourage you to share this post. Second I am asking every single person reading this to spend 5 minutes and call Nestle to explain themselves. Third, please let Nestle know that until this problem is fixed their will be a complete ban of their products. A ban I have pledged until they choose to end this evil practice.

1-800-225-2270 Nestle Corp


About Eric Leigh-Pink

Predicting the world events of tomorrow in the hopes to alter any tragic outcome through awareness.
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22 Responses to Did a Child Slaves Make Your Chocolate Bar

  1. Please share with us what Nestle had to say!

  2. afistfullofsand says:

    14 billion profit a year
    Nestlé is the biggest food company in the world, with a market capitalisation of roughly 231 billion Swiss francs, which is more than US$ 247 billion as of May 2015
    Revenue Decrease CHF 91.6 billion (2014)[1]
    Operating income
    Decrease CHF 14.0 billion (2014)[1]
    Profit Increase CHF 14.5 billion (2014)[1]
    Total assets Increase CHF 133.45 billion (2014)[2]
    Total equity Increase CHF 71.88 billion (2014)[2]

  3. jules104 says:

    To add to that…If you google Nestle Products, you will find many products/companies which are associated with or owned by them, but don’t go by the Nestle name. You will find many boycotts of Nestle over numerous years for various reasons. I would ask that people do their research on this Company. The child slave labor needs to stop amongst other abuses. Thank You for making us aware Eric. Blessings.

  4. afistfullofsand says:

    10% of there profits has to go to charity. Maybe they should look within their own organization. They all do it. This is why so many jobs left the usa to mexico to china. all to make more money/bonuses

  5. Alien Within says:

    Actually they have been working to fix this so give credit where due. The reason people know about child labour is because nestles commissioned the report and investigation. It’s interesting that a number of children classified as child labour were working on their families farms, something that even happens in America but is not classed in 3rd world countries as child slave, labour

  6. jules104 says:

    This a good article on the Cocoa Bean Farms slave labor issues in Africa. Rather lengthy but explains a lot about what’s been going on from the start to the present.

  7. Popi says:

    Unfortunately if you watch Amnesty international and other organizations you can see that there are so many companies using children…..
    Apple,samsung par example
    It is heart breaking and we are all responsible 😒
    Please have a look



  8. Anne Amato says:

    This problem is endemic in Africa and South America and has been for many, many years. In the i itial lawsuit, other companies were also named: Hershey, Mars, Nestle were the major ones…but every manufacturer of cocoa and coffee has this issue with which to deal, and it is difficult to do this when it is really within the pervue of the governments of the countries from which these products originate.
    THIS is one of the issues the United Nations should be involved in…indeed…it should be a MAJOR Human Rights issue within that body.

    • Thanks Anne your right the apathy of the UN to do anything is rampant as well, all you have to do is look at the Refugee crisis for that. But I would argue that with Nestle’s obscene wealth, I would think they could allocate some of that money to find a solution. It is a reflection of their character that on one hand they make millions why slaves (children!) pick the plants. Either way this must end. My hope is that if we all call them, just maybe we can nudge them to do something about this horror. Part of my rage is because I watch foster children when I am not being a psychic, I try very hard to give troubled children a better life, so something like this puts my every fiber on fire. Anne or anyone else for that matter, please find the UN number that deals with this so we can call them as well.

      • Harvey says:

        Well said, Eric! I support every words you said. The slave child labor must end.

        Thanks for all you do to make the difference in child’s life.

  9. Harvey says:

    It’s totally unacceptable for using a slave child to work hard, long hours just for a bite of treat just less than a minute. Imagine and the guilt are on us. We need to be their advocate and make new laws “No child slave in all situations “. My ♡ and prayers goes out to them. Thanks Eric for letting us be aware of it. I’m not buying the Nestlé product. We need to make the commercial to discourage the buyers.

    Blessings on the poor children that are slaves.

  10. Jack says:

    Sadly, I work for a Nestle wafer factory and I use cocoa from Ivory Coast to make the chocolate glaze. But, from what I know they stopped to use child slaves for cocoa.

    • Hi Jack, I actually heard about this in the news first, I am a news junky, I was watching Aljazeera and they were talking about how nothing was being done about it. Very upsetting. Then when I went to youTube there was a handful of videos also talking about it. You might want to look at Ajazeera America website and see if its on there.

  11. I am glad you decided to become aware of child slavery, which has never ceased to exist. It’s always been in place and has had some waves of coverage since the late 1980s. While you ask about child labor making your chocolate, please be equally concerned and aware that Nestle controls clean drinking water in some of America’s most drought stricken areas and they have been ruining water supplies for decades. Watch Blue Gold: World Water Wars to learn more. Nestle is one of many signs of just how diseased the world is.

  12. While child slave labor is terrible, there is a different kind of child slavery that does not get mentioned. In the far east, children are sold as sex slaves. This is even more horrible than child labor. Countries like India and Thailand are trafficking children. There have also been tales of children being abducted here in the USA to be used by people in powerful positions as sex slaves. It is very tragic and needs to be stopped. God have mercy on all of the children in the world today that are used and abused.

  13. R2D2 says:

    Noooooooo…..the tradegy!!! …….

    Star Wars: R2-D2 original builder Tony Dyson dies – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-35724496

    As for using child slaves sickens me. Nestlé is a huge conglomerate with many tentacles.

  14. anton2a says:

    De refugee crisis, I would run out a bombed country too, no shops, no houses, no schools, nothing.
    But in normal countries, in Afrika, or South Amerika, etc. we personally can help, so that the people not run away, look by Kiva or others organisations, invest in the scheme, they can then loan to private people, who have never a chance to loan from a bank, those people try to help them self, they pay back and ask for an other loan, so spend a few American dollars,
    $25, 00 per case, it is a big help for them, I have invested much more with my Australian dollars, and I paid also more for the American dollars, but.. it helps them and that what’s counts.

    • anton2a says:

      They can then loan to private people, NO mistake,
      You choose the person or group to whom you think, they need it most.
      Please have a look by Kiva, very interesting,
      but You are in charge over your own money,
      If we help them, they can send there children to school and make them self money

  15. star48 says:

    Eric, update.. Just reported today..
    Nestle’s net profit in first half of 2016 fell to 4.1 billion Swiss francs ($4.27 billion), missing expectations – CNBC


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