Ontario School Stabbing

This prediction has happened. Please pray for the people of Canada. Spirit also implied this is ‘In 5’ reference.

Predictions 1-5-16   “15.. targeted.. lockdown”
The implication was that someone might tackle a gunman, or attack the gunman directly. That is probably the football helmet reference.

The Facts: Teen faces 15 charges after multiple stabbings at Ontario high school.  PICKERING, Ont. – A 14-year-old girl who allegedly moved through the corridors of her high school brandishing knives and wounding both staff and students is now facing 15 criminal charges, police said Wednesday.

Police credited two staff members with thwarting any further attacks by wrestling the girl to the ground and holding her there until officers arrived.

“We’re giving kudos to the staff members that stopped this before it got worse,” Sgt. Bill Calder said after the incident. “They did the right thing.” Quoted by https://ca.news.yahoo.com/teen-faces-15-charges-multiple-stabbings-ontario-high-150454652.html?nhp=1

3 responses to “Ontario School Stabbing”

  1. Julia Avatar

    fortunately, no one was seriously injured. Thankfully, she didn’t have a gun!

  2. David Avatar

    Please check the Hesston Ks. shootings today for match to this prediction and pray for the souls lost and injured in this event.

  3. LL Avatar

    It’s happened again. I think you said that you thought they were different predictions. Maybe the “3” means three different events. I truly hope not. It’s just so sad. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2016/02/25/reports-2-dead-hesston-kansas-workplace-shooting/80954886/

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