Michigan Shooting Spree

This tragic prediction has happened. Three different locations, 6 people killed, 2 critically injured, no suicide.  Please pray for the people of Michigan.

Predictions 1-5-16   “Shooting spree 3.. get out! 316 (or 3 16).. suicide”
I had a visual of people running in all different directions as shots where fired.
I had a visual of a park or campus grounds
I had a visual of a restaurant/café and then a grocery store.


10 thoughts on “Michigan Shooting Spree

  1. Eric, after talking to you in a reading about my “waking vision,” and you suggested I look up some of your predictions, I can only come up with “military base bombing” of 1-27-16. That’s only because the short vision showed a man in fatigues (from neck down to his legs), jostling a hand grenade in his right hand in a menacing manner. I got this vision the afternoon of October 23, 2015. So, it makes me wonder if it is actually referring to a military base or military person. I got the vision exactly 3 weeks to the hour of the Paris attacks that happened November 13. Someone said two of the terrorists had their car filled with a lot of hand grenades while shooting outside of the Paris cafe. Sure hope this helps.


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