Zika Virus

Is this prediction describing the Zika Virus, especially since it spreads through mosquitos?

3-26-13  “An epidemic is rising”  I had a vision of a small bug changing into a large bug the size of a hand. It had wings and long sharp hook like legs. “An epidemic is rising.. A deadly disease is coming”. Then the bug multiplied and begin attacking a suburbia, invading the houses and seeking out people. When they presented the swine flu years ago they actually presented a very similar visual but it wasn’t big. Why big? I would guess its a reflection of strength or power, perhaps a superbug.



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  1. Originally I believed the prediction was talking about Ebola and assumed the prediction was just flawed in its description of a flying bug. But with the news reporting the massive spread of this dangerous virus I believe the prediction is talking about Zika.

  2. There are Brazillian reports saying they believe the zika mosquitoes has spread to the general population of mosquitoes. Very scary.

      1. Same here. I’m worried for my husband going to Brazil in June for 2 weeks. It’s not vacation thing. He has weak immune system that need to be cautious. I find d nothing in Zika if it’s a threat to fragile immune system.

        Yes, we all need to be aware when it evades in America. Not so good news for globally.

  3. Hopefully there will be a spirit follow-up on this soon, I find this more serious than most things at the moment. I pray to the universe that the vaccine this September will work.

    Maybe it’s not fair to say, but I find Mosquitoes to be the vile creatures on this planet. They bring nothing, but misery wherever they go.

    1. The prediction hasn’t fully happened yet, they showed in the visual this bug get pretty big. Which I now assume represents how far it will spread. But I will ask Spirit.

      1. Eric, it’s happening in Miami Florida. It reported 15 cases related Zika. It continues to spread quickly. Obama urged Americans to be aware of this deadly disease. This is not to be ignored.

        Pray for a miracle to stop the spreading virus.

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