Istanbul Bombing

Has this prediction happened? No mist? So tragic, our heart goes out to the people of Turkey. Prayers for Turkey, Istanbul and an end to the acts of ISIS.

Predictions on 10-28-15   I had a visual of a large explosion. Then a large black mist begin to engulf the entire area of the town. People where racing away from the black smoke stacks while others caught in its passing, grabbed their throats choking gasping for air.
Where Spirit?
“In the place of the bull.. ” Spirits Voice
Istanbul perhaps.


7 thoughts on “Istanbul Bombing”

  1. These constant acts of violence are unbearable. I pray for a change in consciousness so that the world becomes a safer, peaceful, kinder and more loving place to live.

    1. As do I. Thank you for understanding what it really takes to make changes and understanding that we must change internally. We much change our emotional, mental and spiritual minds to effect a peaceful world.

      1. A united world is the only way towards peace. We need to remove the barriers of black white, rich poor, Asian American, and work towards one united race living on one small world.

  2. There’s been a chemical explosion at a cargo building in a major port in Brazil. Toxic gas leak all over the area. Perhaps this is closer to the mark?

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