Predictions on 12-22-15

Warn them, warn them now. Please help us get the word out. – ELP

I heard the word ‘Belgium’ from Spirit

“Eric the prediction about killing, the truck, is about to happen.. now.”– Spirits Voice

I had a visual of someone going into a church, while shots where going off in the background.

Perhaps they are talking about these predictions:

“It’s not France it’s Belgium.
I had a visual of a bomb that went off all that was left was rubble.
I had a visual of 3 gray sticks.
I tried to ask where? and again they talked about Lou, followed by two other messages.
I had a visual of coffee grounds on the ground
I had a visual of a cross in the skyline, perhaps a church or school.

Predictions on 11-21-15  I had a visual of a truck exploding.
I had a visual of 3 round sticks, all three burnt, one of them was broken in half as if implying one of the three events would be semi successful.


Spirit also shared that the storm headed towards Europe is not one storm but multiple ones all hitting Europe around the same time, that would create extensive damage. Certain areas would be hit hard with flooding.


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  1. Hi Eric I retweeted both predictions.
    I was thinking that by “round sticks” they mean dynamite and one of them did not explode…
    Then I looked gray sticks and this came up…..

    And I looked for Hockey games in Europe …here is Belgium

    Though at the same time there is a stadium in France which has to do with Lou but its about rugby😗

    Just thoughts and possible connections

  2. I do not know yet anything about explosions in Belgium just south of the Dutch border.
    But there is stormy weather since yesterday at least along the Belgian and Dutch coast.
    I live up north in Holland and about 40 miles or so from the North Sea. The weather at this moment is hard cold wind gusts en rain, but not heavily. We will not have a white Christmas this year.

    I dearly hope there will be peace everywhere for all humankind en animals as well.
    May His Light shine upon everybody’s path.
    Pray for peace people where ever you live or are at present.

  3. There is a Saint Louis university in Brussels and the main shopping street is Avenue Louis.

  4. 3 separate attacks modeled after the Paris attacks. Appears to be a church, coffee shop and a truck bomb at a possible third location?

  5. Coffee ground as coffee factory or farm/business type.

    3 grey sticks as 3 cigars missiles ?

  6. Resto Lou is in the center of Brussels a truck bomb placed near there could cause a lot of damage.

  7. Not sure why my posts are not appearing but, there is a restaurant called Resto Lou in the center of Brussels. A truck bomb placed there could cause major damage. Also near St.Catherine’s church. Warn of this spot perhaps.

      1. Missed that Peter, interesting we both came to that conclusion…maybe that’s the place, action required.

  8. Sorry about the multiple posts. Well, I tried to at least alert the police to keep an eye out for activity in this area but they have no web email or tip line online. I don’t speak French so if anyone wants to call in a tip please do. There is also a open air meat and fish market there as well.

  9. Honest to god
    I can predict there is going to be a plane crash in the next 4 month and guess what there probaly will be one
    I can’t believe people are so naive to believe all this rubbish
    Oh and there will be a tornado in texas sometime next year by the way aswell just a heads up

    1. Laurence , welcome..
      .sarcasm is your contribution?
      Why do you feel the need to denigrate anyone’s imput?
      We ( site group) have a mission..Positive as well as negative comments..
      However put downs contribute neither . Think …

      1. It wasn’t meant to be taking as sarcasm more of an example of how people will believe anything
        So if I say there’s going to be volcano eruption in Japan throw a few numbers in and happens in 6 years time should I take credit for that should I?

      2. star48 can you ask eric, to block people, who make fun and ridicle others? this is a site where people care, and hoping to make a difference, to turn neg into good.

        1. Allen,
          I am a member ( colleague) just as you are. It is not up to me to decide who or what should be said,
          Eric, has this site for a goal, a mission that spirit has guided him to accomplish.
          All manner of opinions, are going to be expressed…yes, it is hard to be charitable when like minded individuals are focused on achieving certain outcomes, and every once in awhile we have imput from some that do not understand, spirit,guidance, or our joint efforts..
          Let us keep positive. Appreciate each individual contributions, and keep our focus on the truly important goals… Let Eric, and spirit guide us! Blessings to you and yours …

        2. Until Spirit gives us the green light on that we need to keep the doors open for all. There are only two times I would erase a comment and that is profane language and if someone is selling their services. I have questioned Spirit on erasing a comment when someone attacks one of you, but they have not responded. As for Laurence he is a troll. There is nothing more to say about it. Our goal here will always be the focus, change comes through awareness of these tragic events. Do we have room for improvement, of course we do. But no one person, no critic, no fanatic group is going to stop me from accomplishing that goal from becoming a reality. So I choose to answer to Spirit and only Spirit thus ignoring all of BS my critics pour down on us.

  10. What if “for 24” from earlier prediction implies 4 separate events on the 24th? 3 in Belgium and 1 in Canada?

  11. I had a visual of an overweight man in red
    He was putting items under a tree and the number 25 kept flashing in front of my eyes

    Maybe overweight and red could mean strong danger 25 is tomorrow.
    What do you guys think?

    1. Laurence – your skepticism is very understandable and you are free to think as you like of course. Perhaps you are not familiar with this site and this type of “insight” .
      The German wings airplane crash, the Russian plane crash and the recent attacks in Paris are just some examples of how accurate Eric’s predictions have been. If this is not your thing – why not just move on. Cheers!

      1. His predictions are vague for a reason
        When an even occurs he can manipulate it into what has predicted
        Pretty simple a lot of people do it

      2. Pretty lame Laurence, try harder next time!
        You just havnt woken up yet!
        You may or you may not!

      3. This prediction has happend

        Everyone has woke up to presents under there tree
        The red man in a suit a spoke about was in fact santa claus and 25 related to xmas day
        Holy shit I’m good at these predictions

    1. Yeah I’m a troll because I don’t believe that someone talks to the dead and predicts future events ??
      Anyway I’m off to feed my pet dragon hope you and your crazy friends have a wonderful xmas

  12. Thanks Laurence Merry Xmas to you.and yours …stay safe and be of good cheer..
    I love a sceptic …seriously you are at where your at and all i can say is watch this space …the proof is in the pudding..( yeah the one the fat red man brought to eat)… enjoy your space let us do the same…

  13. Hi Eric, did predict anything for Austrslian bushfires this year?
    There is a major bushfire burning out of control in Victoria Australia on the great ocean road. 53 houses gone no loss of life yet!

  14. Yes, I’m reading about a cyclone brewing but it may not turn into one !
    I’m concerned about the fires near Lorne for everyone especially my daughter is preparing to camp at New Year’s Eve music festival at Lorne. Where thousands of young people attend the event over the week leading up to new year . At the moment over 1700 hectares has been burnt.
    Any info would be good, thanks.

  15. Your weather prediction has started to come to pass. Northern England which has already been bombarded by heavy rains and flooding is now suffering further massive flooding.

    I’m visiting my family at the moment who are living in this region. Flooding to this extent hasn’t been seen here in living memory, and more rain is due overnight.

    1. Me too, the bad news is if you read the prediction it talks about 3 sticks one of them broken, as if predicting one event will not happen. So does that mean 2 more are coming? Lets hope this is over.

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