Brazil President’s Impeachment Proceedings

This prediction is happening.

Notes 8-12-15
“The president of Brazil
She took (stole) the money, she has it
Too many lies and secrets
The truth is coming out.
Massive protests demand her removal, her impeachment
Her demise inevitable.
A new cleaner process replaces the old one.
Oh how the mighty have fallen.” — Spirits Voice

Eric’s Comments: It’s not entirely clear whether she is actually impeached, they only mention her ‘demise’.



11 thoughts on “Brazil President’s Impeachment Proceedings

  1. Just a small words to say “thanks” for all you do, Eric. We really appreciate for your commitment to the Spirits as they are counting on you to help the humanity and the Earth. You’re blessed so much more. This task is not easy for all of us as figured out the clues. It’s fun being investigator at first then later on…it gets harder and harder. It’s constant challenging as I can imagine it’s frustrated for you and the Spirits. I’m excited and humbled being part of Eric ‘s team. I’m still learning. 😉

    Shalom to you!


    1. unfortantly you people are putting out energy to make events happen, Eric rarely gets predictions right, more you all take an event that happens and squeeze it to look like it, sadly with people like this they are channelling low level spirits which is obvious when they put human religious beliefs into their channelling. eric and the people doing this are part of the problem with the shifts we are going through spreading fear and not love. his time is almost up

  2. Eric, Jimmy Carter our former president of the US announced he is free from cancer. He announced it about 12 hours ago. You mentioned of the president passed on as the flag covers the coffin in older post. I need to find that post. My best guess it could be the father George Bush as his health is not in good shape.


  3. O.K Chaos totally get where most of your opinions and beliefs are coming from ut i can assure you that many many light workers are tuned into this site to do just what your saying raising the so called vibtation…Now in my experience and i do mean experience a judgementle thougut or verbalised comment in the negative creates as much dross as does a genguine precignitive insight into the potentials of events in this current dimension we find ourselves ….I fail to comprehend how so many hearts thoughts prayers (whuch are well wishing intention in motion) can be a negative influence on the development of the human spirit…
    When a buddy judges another it is no less lower vibratiinal thought than that to which you are pointing out…There is positive progressiin here you jyst sit back and say oh the planet is raising her vibration ..we all are even if you dont believe that it has to happen through experience not be lectured …
    I make no apology for being proud of my fellow humuns as they progress on the journey of evilutiin and enlightment even if it doesnt shiw through ti generations that folliw us…mother earth has always been on our side and been our nurturer and she ajusts and yes some are blind ti it but they are but babes in the woids needing our help so here i am with my opnion and

  4. i am that iam and so are we all…
    Eric and his spirits have the right of free will by to journey and experience their fellowship in its humble honest compassionately born purpose that intends to harm no one….
    an idle unconscious thought that is negative geared does more harm than the intention to help and inspire others to do the same ……overall this is no willy nilly prediction site its getting people involved in the mechanics of spirit communication and that means all bridges and cultures that it unites in compassion …
    Final note i only wish my jeyboard would co-operate when i type.
    You obviously care chaos so blessings to you…

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