Russian Plane Crash in Egypt

This tragic prediction has happened.  Please pray for the people of Russia.
Its unclear whether its related to Notes on 10-3-15 Airplane Bombing which discusses a terror attack.

Predictions on 9-28-15   I had a visual of an airplane, the front part of the airplane was damaged. “Everyone will be killed.”


11 thoughts on “Russian Plane Crash in Egypt

  1. interestingly enough, the numbers 23 and 67 were mentioned in the original prediction. The plane was 23 minutes into flight when it lost contact dropping at 67 mph. Being where they were I would not be surprised if it was terroristic.

  2. There is a video on a foreign news source….looks like a phone video transferred to YouTube. ISIS claims responsibility for this. The video clearly shows what appears to be a passenger plane, either a small rocket hitting the underside rear section, or a small explosion that rapidly turned into a large fire inside the aircraft.

  3. After reviewing the video again….think it was an explosive device aboard the plane (which is clearly a passenger size aircraft) in the rear cargo section….looks like under and slightly forward of the tail section. There is no filmed evidence showing a missile vapor trail. But the fact that someone filmed and posted this…..indicates that someone was watching for it….because the video begins before anything happens….and then follows it through to the crash. I would bet on an explosive charge in the cargo hold.
    Prayers for all those on board. This is terrible.

  4. Well…for whatever reason…..the video purporting to be that of the airline disaster has been removed from the original news sources around six hours after publication. No explanation.
    If reliable news sources publish this type of video and related article, think it should be at minimum….just responsible journalism… also publish a reason for the retraction.

  5. News report today are sugesting an explosion from inside the plane. Possibly terrorist related. Possibly an explosive device in the luggage compartment or smuggled on board. Very sad , my heart goes out to the families.


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