Liuzhou China Explosions

This prediction has happened before we could complete the details. The building in the vision is fairly close to the actual buildings destroyed. The message is unrelated to the oil refinery. Please pray for the victims. Such a horrible tragedy.

Predictions on 9-28-15   I had a visual of a fire racing down a tunnel then a massive explosion.

I had a visual of a building on fire, it started with smoke then switched to a massive inferno.

Notes on 9-30-15  O and O, the countdown for two predictions are about to happen.

The facts:  “At least six people are dead and dozens injured after a series of explosions tore through the Chinese city of Liuzhou on Wednesday afternoon.” Quoted by UPI


17 thoughts on “Liuzhou China Explosions

  1. Eric the video states when clicked on…”This video has been removed by the user”. My guess would maybe be the Chinese Government? Do they do that sort of thing?

  2. Jules104…I knew someone who worked in that country for about 10 years. Yes, they try to monitor and censor all news and communications. The only time uncensored videos and news gets published is if another country’s news agency is actually on site, or picks up a civilian video and securely transmits it out before it can be censored or removed. it is even more restricted for emails of non-Chinese working in that country.

  3. Oh that is creepy! And I just saw a video on The Weather Channel that showed pumpkins floating away, because of the flooding happening on the East coast. I recall you said something about pumpkins being destroyed.

    But back to the China thing, This has to be sabotage.

    And a bad shooting on a College campus in Oregon today. Twenty wounded, possibly 10 or more dead.

    It’s going to get worse.

  4. Eric, there seems to have been a mass shooting at a college in Oregon today. I vaguely remember a prediction about this. Am I right? And, when you get the chance, can you ask the Spirits when this madness – these mass shootings – will end or at least decrease? Thanks. I appreciate it.

    • I am sorry to inform you, but these things are going to get worse. There isn’t going to be a diminishing of them any time soon. And frankly, I don’t think warning people ahead of time is helping to change anything. The people that get the information and see the things are the messengers/prophets. They are supposed to warn the world of these terrible things, but it rarely stops the events from happening. Most messengers of bad tidings get the blame. We have seen the Spirits warning of these tragedies, and we know they will happen, but there are many scoffers out there. But things are escalating to something much more terrible to come. It feels like the entire planet has lost its collective mind.

      • Though I share in your despair today with this tragic event, I will bring light to the darkness, we will stand in the way of evil acts, it might not be today but we will alter the tragedies we predict before I die.

      • all the bad stuff,has to happen, before healing takes place, people healing, nations healed, earth healed. the more people care, send out positive thoughts and prayers, a lot of the bad stuff, does not have to happen, or is lessed, by the impact of good, and love and good energies, please, please, everyone, do not lose hope, GOD already knows the outcomes, and it is always good. please keep together, as a group, send out love and positive energies, it does change things!

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