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Source: Personal Readings I have updated this page with the new email address. I have also added to the Q & A for the most commonly asked questions. For those of you interested in a reading I would encourage you to read the testimonials in the comment section below the page.

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  1. Cindy Avatar

    Love my reading with Eric. I felt so at ease, comfortable and relaxed. He makes you feels this way with his voice and how he handles the reading. I truly enjoyed it!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


      1. Harvey Avatar

        Can you do the reading thru email instead of phone cuz I’m partially deaf?

  2. travis Avatar

    So wish i could get a reading done though its cheap i cant afford it so i finally filled out an application to see a doctor though my faith is super low and im in very dark time right now with thoughts of death cause i think this week we are very close to start of one world government with our lives being controlled

    1. Azz Avatar

      Hey Travis.
      Don’t get stressed out about a corrupt new world order coming. I think people are waking up enough to see through the lies that we have accepted for a long time and the future is something to look forward to. Try to stay positive.

      1. travis Avatar

        I dont think people are awake i may be crazy for believing some the things people write and say but it makes sense first they tried to call it agenda 21 then switched its name to agenda 2030 and i looked over there little plan and it just screams control

    2. Harvey Avatar

      Travis, what do you do for fun? Go out and socialize. Don’t dwell on heavy news, internet, false prophets, etc.

      Know what Jesus would say to you? “Cast out all your worries unto me. I take care of it and trust me”.

      Travis, Jesus is already with you, and so are the Spirits. You need to be still with no fear in your mind. See a doctor for “relaxing” medicine and that should help you. Relax, cast our your fears. Trust Him. Trust Him. You have nothing to lose but Trust Him.

      Blessings to you!

      1. travis Avatar

        Thats what im hoping is for medication that can relax me

      2. Cindy Avatar


    3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I hope you feel better.

      1. travis Avatar

        Thanks eric i hope so to

  3. rhona Avatar

    hi Travis..happy to.hear your going to see a doctor…now lets look at this with some logic ….this ine world government has been in plan 30 years ago and its still not implemented…world leaders are not about to give up control of their nations human nature just wont allow when they come together as a wirld wide group it is to decide on world wide issues, it is one way of staying abreast of some prettt important issues…they will meet come together and discuss these issues and still gi home to their own countries and govern .they will agree in some world issues to resolve and takeon board …but they as leaders will still have their countries to govern…there are too many of us to be fooled any longer and they are accountable and will be accountable just lok and hear the people demonstrating and demanding to know what is goung on…that is a trend it is going to continue ..Now as Harvey said faith plays the spiritual part and our voices and objections or even approvals will play the praticle part…we are not going to be controled in the way you fear…i do hope you can trust spirit and your fellow humans into a brighter future…bless you Travis and may peace be with you…..

    1. travis Avatar

      Thanks for the post rohna of looking at it with logic which i try then mind races back to being irritational the reason why part me believes it and i trully apologize bringing any negativeity to the site is have you seen and looked at united nations website there goals about it im just praying this all will pass thats why i have to finally get help

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