Want to Connect with Spirit?

I wanted to share some new things on the horizon.

We are now available to do phone readings in Canada! Many of you have been asking for this and now it is available for you.  When sending your email request (elppredictions@yahoo.com) please make sure you let me know you live in Canada because I have to use a specific phone for that reading. Sorry Australia and China, I am still working on getting a phone provider that works for your countries. For now you can still do email readings?

Don’t speak English and still want to connect with Spirit? Several of my Latin American clients have in the past forwarded email questions to me in another language. With Google translate I have interpreted the question, and provided the answer from Spirit. This allows you to have your own reading even with a language barrier.

As of November 1st readings will become $100, until then, they will continue to be $80. For those of you who still haven’t set up your first reading or maybe you would like a refresher, you have until October 31st before its becomes $20 extra.

Many have asked. Are the Spirits that do these predictions also the ones doing personal readings? Yes they are.  They do it for the world and do it for individuals looking for their advice. But unlike the horror I predict here personal readings are used to help you with your day to day life. They share their opinion on your journey and provide sound advice. They warn you of things down the road and give you a view of what’s to come.

Comments: Debating subjects have become a norm here on my world prediction site. I love the idea of debating subjects on this site. Debates remind us that our opinions always have a counter opinion, and if we do the debate right we can all open our minds a little bit wider. Just to give you a bit of background I am a psychic always talking to Spirits while growing up in a very conservative family. My father is a staunch Republican where as I am a registered Independent. As you can imagine our opinions within my own family are polar opposites.

With that said, I ask that everyone please respond with respect and decency. Make a point to back your claims with facts. Real facts not the ramblings of some radical fringe ’empty can’ figure. I make a point never to edit or erase someone else’s comments. I truly believe we have the right to all of our opinions and the right to express them. However I do have rules that will lead to me erasing your comment: I cannot allow profanity or threats, I cannot allow you to blatantly disrespect another culture with racist remarks and unrelated to this subject I do not allow people to sell their products or services on my site. Please remember two things before posting your comments. First this is a massive audience, we just recently crossed 2 million viewers and I wouldn’t say anything that you wouldn’t say in front of a crowd of thousands. Second and more importantly this is a global audience. We have fans from Brazil, Pakistan, Malaysia, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, just to name a few, so please show respect to their cultures and their belief systems.

Finally I want to remind you that our conversations are here with purpose. From the beginning I wanted to create a community of fans that one day could help me change the tragedies of tomorrow. We are stronger united then at odds.


28 thoughts on “Want to Connect with Spirit?

    • Yes its such great news. This year has grown so massive compared to others. We started with a small and very cool community and now its massive. That’s why we need to be more careful with our tone. To add its every other place in the world that has become apart of our community. We try not to come off as gloating, even though I am very proud with our accomplishment so the numbers are never really talked about much.

  1. Thank you Eric, my reading was amazing! I am more at peace and have been so happy since! I would recommend getting a reading with Eric, at ANY price!

  2. $100? Well, Eric you have just priced me out and honestly, I think you have taken a step that makes you look like you are in this only for the money. I have had several readings from you and they were wonderful and accurate. However, I am concerned by the progressive increase of your fees. I have seen this with other psychics, as they become more popular their fees increase, their ego gets out of hand and they loose their perspective and validity with the masses.

    I have been a long time reader of yours and supporter. But this increase concerns me.

      • Ok, honestly, Eric writes World Predictions, this is FREE, also he has overhead too. There are fees that continually go up associated with websites. And also honestly, he spends TIME when he does the reading, does not cut you off, make you feel your questions are trivial or stupid either! In my opinion, he does not just “do this for the money” please, he actually CARES in my opinion about the things going on in the world and also cares about his individual people he does the readings on! It is a labor of LOVE to Eric, and prices go up on his end too! He has expenses and overhead, as does any business!!!

      • It’s very reasonable and considering still lower than any famous pyschi. He has to use his energy focused on his hearing and listening to the Spirits’ words even seeing in visual or dreams. It’s not an easy task that takes toll on his energies. Also, the services to maintain home is not cheap such as plumbing, A/C, heating, roofing, etc. The prices are up for food and bills to pay. His service is very reasonable and not making a profit for himself. He really cares about people as much as he’s care for his Spirit guides.

        I still wish I have the money and will definitely use him someday to help me with my future job and personal life. That day will come and he is on my list if I ever need his help.


    • I do hope you continue to get readings with me, I would encourage you to google ‘world predictions’ or ‘psychic world predictions’ and look at the top psychics in my field, as you probably know the listing is based in part by popularity and traffic, I am already apart of the lead in regards to ‘world predictions’ yet I charge the least amount for readings. For instance Vine charges 297$, the twins are 600$. I hope that helps and I assure you the Spirits would never allow my ego to run rampant.

      • The twins charge 600 dollars wow! Thank you Eric for everything you do. I hope to one day get a reading with you but until then I will stay an avid visitor here 🙂

      • That’s what the chatter says. I went to their website but I could not find their fee, so that amount is based more on rumor and what everyone is saying over the web. I thought it was kind of pricy too. Has anyone received a reading from the twins or could shed some light on their fees that are more concrete then what the web says?

    • We all strive to make a living and hope that we can provide for our Families. When we are out in the workforce and put our sincere effort into our job each and everyday we expect to be rewarded with regular pay increases. Why is it that people offering Spiritual advice, or healing’s are always expected to give away their gift and not make an income like every other citizen? It’s so very sad that so many in humanity have got this one backwards. The gifts Eric shares with his clients are GOLD, they really are priceless. They are love at the purest. Just like you and I he has a Family to support. I’ve been an avid follower of Eric since January 2012, and have watched his work and sight grow. I have also had a personal reading from him and his accuracy was spot on. Thank you Eric for your site, for your gift, and especially for your character without judgement. You continue to step up a rung on the ladder of Spiritual truths and humbleness and I am glad to be a witness to it.
      Many many blessings to you.

  3. Keep doing what your doing Eric! It is absolutely wonderful! I hope to be able to have a reading from you some day as well. I was actually in shock at how low your price is! Thank you so very much for actually being affordable! Keep it up! Thank you also for saying what you did about comments. Very much appreciated!

  4. I agree with Donna. This is a labor of love for Eric. He has spent extra time while doing readings for myself and my family on numerous occasions while not cutting you off or belittling you for the questions you are asking, nor being judge-mental. I doubt he is making any great profit off of the extra $20.00 dollars as there are expenses and costs involved with his website that he is responsible for, and as we all know has grown considerably. This is Eric’s only income which he supports his family with. I for one feel his readings are well worth more than what he charges people, and for the amount of information you take away from them, I will happily be paying for more readings again in the future. Blessings Everyone

    • Jules, great comment, I feel he has a great love for humanity( it comes through, as he wants to get the word out to help/warn people with coming events); is not out “to make a killing” off of people or any other ill intent. And I agree that the readings are well worth more than he charges for them!

  5. Eric, I’m curious. Can everyone be a pyschi or it just for those with the gifts? The reason I asked that I seen people advertise as palm readings in their business or homes. Are they fake?

    • I couldn’t speak to whether they are fake or not. I would stick to those who are by reputation psychic. Ask your friends, see if they know someone. I believe like all things everyone can connect to spirit however to be an expert is far more rare.

  6. Eric i was curious no one really talks about it and im sorry im paranoid and at unease but i was wondering if you can ask the spirits about that agenda 2030 plan im sorry just dont trust anybody with power and for some reason i think its a controlling evil plan hope im wrong

      • Hi Travis. Just checking…did you get my comment under KikimoniqueE on 9-7-15 post prediction page. It was a reply about the “monkies”. Hope you got it. Blessings.

      • I sure did jules i thought that was amazing you seen monkies and very kind of you to keep me in your prayers

      • Pretty sure it was for you Travis. It was all so strange how my one year old grand-daughter turned right to that monkey the minute she was looking at her books and there were 10 of them. But that was the first thing she opened up. I think the Creator works in mysterious ways and so I won’t question but take this message a pass it on to you. Also I would recommend No More utube negative “what’s to happen in the future” sort of thing. There are so many people out there who really have no clue and desire to do good and only want to instill fear in others. Turn on some uplifting music and turn off the negative chatter. One of my favorites is Hillsongs UNITED, “Where feet may fail”. I know it’s a Christian group and I’m not saying that I am the Holy Roller but it really touches me when I need to be uplifted by Spirit. I love “Third Day” also. For me they seem “real” and also touch my heart. Sorry I don’t mean to preach any religion. Just music that helps me get through hard days/times and seems to balance my thoughts and mind. Blessings Travis Always.

      • Thanks jules on all the tips one thing im deff trying to do is stay off youtube. As for the monkies that is still very amazing the experience you had the very day after im hoping that was the sign which i am a firm believer in god working his magic in mysterious ways blessings to you and glad to have you guys to talk to in times like these.

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