The Most Accurate Predictions

Source: The Most Accurate Predictions

Change comes through awareness, I am asking you, my fans, followers, friends, to help bring awareness to this list of our most accurate work. Use all the tools of social media so that we start altering these tragedies. Share it with your friends and ask them to share it with their friends.


22 thoughts on “The Most Accurate Predictions”

  1. This is how we change the future by getting the word out. Fans please share this page with everyone you know and have them share it with everyone they know. It through awareness tragedies can be averted. Please also share your ideas on how to best use the social media tools to get our word out. Options? Facebook, Twitter, ATS, VK, MySpace, email, psychic social networks. Please use them all and help us bring change.

  2. Just an FYI, Spirit has eyes for October and November, its time to try our best to change the future. Specifically natural disasters. But we need your help to set that stage.

    1. I hope we can get our vibrations to actually make a change for the good do they tell you tons of things like even deep into the future

      1. We have to share, share, share! We need to get the word out now, especially with the ‘most accurate predictions’ so we can set that stage of warning when Oct and Nov arrive.

    2. Eric, I’ve been rereading some of the past predictions recently on the Florida hurricane/flooding that was spoken of a while back by Spirits. I just have this feeling (may be totally unfounded) that it may possibly happen this October. Can you tell me if the Spirits have mentioned anything about Florida for October, end of October maybe? Has that prediction happened yet, did I miss it? Also, though I don’t do the social networking really, (except for the old school way :)…my kids do, and I will ask them to get the word out there. I agree, if we can get people to see what Spirit has predicted correctly in the past, perhaps they will begin to pay attention to what is being predicted for the future, and change/mitigate the outcome for the better. Blessings and You and the Spirits are doing a wonderful job!

        1. Thanks Eric. Yes covering as many as possible of the major storms will be very helpful to so many people/countries. Thank You for all of the hard work You and Spirit do and your dedication to humanity and the planet.

  3. something will happen on September 23 ? asteroid? CERN ? earthquake? Illuminati show much the number 23

  4. I think this might be related to this older post of 8-10-14. It’s not so good news. Keep spreading the words out thru all social networks. Can save more lives.

    1. Hi Harvey. Strange I just asked Eric about this same prediction, and I hadn’t read your comment yet. Had to actually look up which one you were talking about. I just have this feeling. Hope it’s wrong and unfounded. Blessings for You and Yours.

  5. I get a very bad feeling reading about the Syrian refugees. Countries are taking in tens of thousands, some able bodied young men. I understand taking in refugees in a humanitarian crisis, but this feels bad to me. I have a knot in my stomach. Are you getting anything on this at the moment?

    1. Before anyone feels the need to tell me I’m a bad person, let me explain. I feel for the crisis and hope we can do everything in our power to help but I have a overwhelming bad feeling. That is all.

      1. I feel exactly the same Jessica. The Syrian ‘refugees’ are .. worldly, educated, demanding and determined to get what they consider are ‘their rights’.. there is none of this ‘thank you for allowing us into your country and we sill wait patiently while we are processed’… they want everything NOW. As you do, I also feel for the crisis, and my heart goes out to their desperate and difficult journey. Its breaks my heart to see the kids suffering. At the moment they number close to a million…. this will become’ millions’ in the future. Its more like a migration of people .. problem is that with that migration comes different cultures, religions etc. We already are experiencing the out come of that. It simply has not been successful …. mixing … especially the different religions of various countries. Problem is too, that if these people are not processed properly… then those countries would really have no idea who the hell is amongst these people. I hate to think about it.

    2. Muslim countries should be taking them all in.the group of 5 have done nothing except throw a pebble at the problem they also created

      1. Very true. Where is Saudi Arabia and the other Muslim nations? It will prove bad for Europe and become a tinder point in a years time as these refugees (not immigrants as immigrants are paper legal entrants to a country) take root and begin to work for less wages than a local. There will be plenty more issues but it will start with jobs and taxes.

  6. My biggest concern is pope comming and helping the un usher in the agena 2030 dont feel right bout that one

    1. You know dude, you really need to quit reading all that crap on Youtube and what ever fear mongering sites you read. Take a deep breath and just trust in your God. It is out of your control anyway.

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