Australia Tornado and Flooding

I believe this prediction has happened, however its lacking accuracy because there is no Cyclone, but there is a tornado and one massive storm. Spirit has pointed to Australia two times, implying predictions are about to happen which leads me to believe they are acknowledging this variance. Thank you everyone in Australia for keeping me informed.

Notes on 8-21-15
I had a visual of people getting prepared for a massive storm, they where racing to get all of their belongings together as a great wind surrounded them.
“A Hurricane is coming (Cyclone).”

The facts from The Guardian: “A tornado touched down in the town of Dubbo late on Monday afternoon, terrifying locals and causing damage to homes and property. Wild weather lashed NSW on Monday night with heavy rain, hail and flooding battering parts of the state including Sydney” Quoted News:

The facts from the NZ herald:   “A New South Wales, south coast public school has been closed as a nearby dam wall threatens to break, in the midst of severe weather pummelling the region.
The SES issued an urgent evacuation notice to residents living downstream from Jerrara Dam, west of Kiama.
The dam wall has shown signs of crumbling as heavy rain continues to fall in the area.
The nearby village of Minnamurra would bear the brunt of it if the dam wall collapses, with the SES advising parents with children at Minnamurra Public School to collect them.”   Quoted News:

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  1. rhona Avatar

    Hi everyone it seems its not over for N.S.W. More on the way massive lightning pic in this one …prayers live and light to all …….blessings….

  2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

    The Spirits are shifting gears and its all about Canada, something about their navy or military.

  3. Marielys Avatar

    Hurricane Erika is coming to south Florida on Monday. I know you’d always said it’d be in the fall like thanksgiving but all of the stores already have their fall decorAtions by now. It seems pretty strong.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Actually there are two different predicitons

  4. rhona Avatar

    Ok.Eric thank you …moving on to our next prediction from spirit love and respect to them ..and you of course…

  5. rhona Avatar

    Thank you Eric…time to move on to the next prediction…love and gratitude to spirit …blessings to you….

  6. Harvey Avatar

    Eric, it’s happening now that Florida will be flooding next Sunday or Monday, especially the south and central Florida. It’s the Tropical Storm Erika heading towards Bahamas and Florida. Hope they will move away from there for little while till the storms passed.

    Pray for all to be safe.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes thanks for the info. We will post after its arrival.

  7. star48 Avatar

    spirit touched it 2 times. Is this the second time?
    Extreme weather..NSW. 6/4/16
    RSOE EDIS Event Report – A gust of wind of 117kph was reported in Sydney Harbour, and across Sydney the winds were intense. More than 100 power lines were ripped down, the roof was torn off an apartment block and numerous trees were also brought down. The system is expected to become even more dangerous over the coming hours, as an area of low pressure develops off the coast of New South Wales. The winds will intensify and the wave heights are expected to reach up to eight metres in some areas. Much of the coastline of New South Wales and areas near the coast can expect up to 300mm of rain by the end of the weekend. …

  8. star48 Avatar

    Evacuation orders issued for Ocean Shores, Golden Beach and New Brighton areas in New South Wales Australia due to flooding – NSW State Emergency Service

  9. star48 Avatar

    Eric, Australia, twin tornados,floods high winds surging tides

    South Australia braced for a second night of severe weather Thursday, with tens of thousands of homes still without power after “catastrophic” storms knocked out supply to the entire population. The total blackout caused chaos and widespread damage was reported, as authorities warned of more wild conditions to come including floods, high winds, heavy rain and surging tides. The state’s premier Jay Weatherill said “twin tornadoes” had hit northern areas, where 40,000 households were expected to remain without electricity for a couple more days. “We have experienced some weather conditions that have not been seen before in this state,” he told a press conference in the state capital Adelaide. “Twenty-three transmission towers have been ripped out of the ground by the force of this storm event.” Some 80,000 lightning strikes were recorded late Wednesday, hitting infrastructure and bringing down electricity lines. “We remain in the middle of this event.

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