Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras Resigns

This Prediction has happened.

Notes on 7-21-15   “Oh have the mighty have fallen.. he is told to resign immediately.” — Spirit Voice
Notes on 7-27-15    “We are talking about a president (or prime minister)… Oh have the mighty have fallen.. he is told to resign immediately.” — Spirit Voice
Are they talking about Razak or Tsipras, both of which where stars when they started. Or is it a leader who presents himself with bluster of being great. Al Assad is another possible candidate but he is not at all great.

The Facts:  “Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras announced Thursday that he will resign, clearing the way for elections next month as Greece deals with its ongoing debt crisis.
Tspiras made the announcement Thursday night, as the country began tapping into a new bailout deal meant to ensure its financial future.” Quoted News:

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  1. Donna Taylor Avatar

    On the entry for July 21st you wrote about the British Parliament and abuses of power. There was a violin playing out of tune. That reference made me think of Sherlock Holmes, which is what made me think about of the Chilcot inquiry. This is an independent investigation (which is why I thought of the detective) into the role that Britain played in the Iraq war. Maybe someone has already suggested this, but thought worth a mention. There have been a lot of delays in the report and accusations of some ministers attempting to bring the independent panel of inquiry into disrepute. It is widely believed here (in the UK) that some might want the findings suppressed, as they prove very damaging. If you google ‘Chilcot inquiry’, you’ll find a lot of stuff on the internet. As you will read, the issue is starting to escalate. A recent example of a newspaper report here (you’ll find many more)

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      What are they hiding? Or what is thought to be hiding?

  2. Donna Taylor Avatar

    There has been a general acceptance that the invasion of Iraq was based on false information, and that even at the time of the invasion those responsible for the invasion knew that information to be false. The British prime minister at that time was Tony Blair and the US president was George Bush jr. They told the public that they had evidence that Iraq were building weapons of mass destruction so it was important to invade immediately. It is now known that this wasn’t true, there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq but, worse than that, the British pm (and I’m guessing Bush too) knew at the time that they did not exist. There is a belief that the Chilcot investigation will show that Blair knowingly went along with the made up story as an excuse to invade. This could be a war crime (like rendition), in which the British government was complicit (and I would guess the US too). The war in Iraq was disastrous, many innocent lives were lost and it. Some families of UK soldiers killed in the conflict are now planning to sue the British government for sending their children into an unnecessary danger. I hope this helps.

    I also saw on the BBC news this morning that North Korea has put their troops on a war footing

    1. Harvey Avatar

      Oh my…then it made me wondering what was the reason by making things up? It’s tragedy wrong. I’m very sorry it’s happened that it was not necessary accusing for something that it’s not true. Very wrong and angry that cost so many innocence lives and soldiers at risk and debt in taxes. Plain unwisely. If they knew it wrong, then they don’t deserve it to be the President or Prime minister. If they betrayed theirs and other people for the wrong reasons, then that betrayed themselves.

      Thanks for sharing info. Hopefully, it’s not true. I will believe it when I see it myself. Bush should be ashamed himself. He lives in Dallas not far from me. Of course, I’m not going to do anything stupid. Just ain’t right.

      1. Harvey Avatar

        A lot of people in US wasn’t too happy about starting the war In Iraq after 9/11. Too risky and not enough evident if it exist.

    2. swampy11 Avatar

      Wow, Donna. The ripple effect of this still going. I’d heard it was an excuse to go to war (you can’t always go with things you hear). But, I do recall Rumsfeld standing at the podium to make an announcement after all this stuff was winding down. He said they found there were MO weapons of mass destruction. However, I did hear about how they had to do inspections process, meant they couldn’t always inspect some arms next to the ones they needed to do inspect. This is always full of shades of gray, I think. Thanks for this info (especially about the families lawsuits).

  3. Donna Taylor Avatar

    I agree Harvey, it’s caused a lot of anger in the UK and made people question the governments motives about all sorts of things now. It does make me wonder why our governments really wanted to invade Iraq too. Maybe we will never know. I feel very sorry for the families of those brave soldiers who died needlessly and for the people of Iraq who have been left in a very difficult situation, one that is probably worse than it was before the war.

    1. Popi Avatar

      Hello everyone! Eric you where right about Greece! We do not know what is next because it will be very difficult to have a new government as the political scene changes dramatically in Greece!

      About the war now…everybody knows that neither the war in iraq nore in afganistan is for the reasons they say to the people it was all about taking the energy resources! History at the end will saw the truth! Unfortunately people got killed and they still do..with the invention of isis its the same ,US and other countries have trained them for their purposes and lost control.. So now people die everywhere and this is unforgivable! Millions of people lost their lives for their big money plans!God forgive them they lost their path in life and people are harmed

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        I agree, the war was based on a lie. I am sure they will add information to the future of Greece and what is next.

  4. Nick Avatar

    I think you had a prediction of a plane struck by lightening. Did you read this:

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes I saw that, two different planes hit, I guess its more common than I knew.

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