Lightning Strikes an Airplane

This prediction has happened.

Notes on 8-10-15   I had a visual of an airplane in the sky, lightning crashed into it, then you saw a large explosion.
I had a visual I was observing the damaged airplane and it was burned.
6/7 (Around 8-15?)

The Facts:   “A plane flying from Guernsey was struck by lightning as it approached Gatwick Airport.
Aurigny’s jet, an Embraer 195, was caught in a thunderstorm on Thursday at about 11:15 BST, but was able to land normally and no-one was injured.
The airline did not to say how many passengers were on board.” Quoted News:

17 thoughts on “Lightning Strikes an Airplane

  1. Wow I know these are absolutely tragic events that are unfolding and luckily the plane was able to land safely but I have being watching you for a long while now and you and spirit are getting more predictions spot on in a not so distant time frame. You should be very proud with all the hard work you are doing. It looks like soon we will really be able to spread the word and make a difference. Thank you x

    1. I agree Sam and Helen. The predictions are becoming more and more spot on. Can’t wait to see how the new way of predicting things turns out. Blessings Everyone

  2. Thank you Sam you have put into words exactly what I was thinking . Keep up the good work Eric

  3. As a former flight crew then operations manager for a major airline for 10 years, I can comfortably state lightning striking a plane happens quite often. We most always have to do emergency landings after as a precaution. It just doesn’t always make news. A quick ‘google search’ will easily show you it is extremely common and most of the time the plane is safe even with minor damage to the plane, if any. In April, Icelandair was stuck twice and the nose came off but it still flew 3700 miles landing safely. They discovered the nose missing upon landing. I believe if this one was from Spirit, it is more of a metaphor possibly.

    1. Welcome back Jon Blue! You haven’t posted since last year if i recall correctly off the top of my head. I see where your coming from in your post. Only thing is, this lightning strike incident made the news and the timing of Erics prediction (spirit driven) was impeccable. Not sure if you were leaning towards doubt in your post. Very interesting tidbits you shared though. I had no idea it was that common. Certainly makes sense. Oh! One more thing…it’s good to know the nose can fall off and still land safely. 😉 (Wholly smokes)

      1. Hi, Thanks for the welcome back. Definitely not doubting the prediction or Eric’s ability but I think the original prediction must be for something else because I’m not sure why Spirit needed to tell us about this as it is something that happens often and there were no injuries or damage to the plane. So I think Spirit mean’t it for something else instead of something to fill the news that day. Again, in my ten years with the airline, I can probably count 200 times or more I personally dealt with lightning strikes either as flight crew or in operations. I urge Eric to re-visit Spirit with this topic and see if it was supposed to be a sign of the moment something bigger happens. Sort of like “when you see this, it’s a sign that we need to know another bigger event will happen”. Just my thoughts on it.

  4. Hi Jon Blu …thsts sn interesting slant to it…if that be the case i ponder what metphorical tone do the mean? Any ideas?

    1. Right now I cannot think of anything other than it could maybe be…as an illustration “when the plane is struck by lightning over England, two days will pass and ‘blank’ will happen. That ‘blank’ may go unnoticed at first but it is significant to the shift”…that’s all I can think of why Spirit would speak of something so common of an occurrence. Currently there are much bigger things going on that I would think Spirit needs us to see. For one, the entire burning of the city of Chelan, Washington that is part of a growing wildfire. The entire city was evacuated and is burning. That seems a bigger deal to me than a silly plane getting struck by lightning with no damage or injuries at all (which is normally the case). It is rare a plane is brought down by lighting (especially a big one). Peace to you all.

      1. welcome back jon blue! no matter how small or big, a prediction or message is. WE can try to change it with our thoughts……….our love. now, if I was on that plane, a lighting strike, would be a big deal to me, as I have LiVED thru the event, and experienced it, I try not to look at messages/predictions with a judgement mindset, but, the MAIN thing, for this blog/message board, is to get EVERYONE involved, to share, help, and provide light when needed……I am happy you posted, as ALL of us, LEARN from EACH other! keep sharing………..

      2. You might have something, all night last night I closed my eyes to see lighting crashing. Either they are talking about the prediction, or the presence of the creator.

  5. Was there an explosion connected to this lightening strike on this plane? The article regarding the lightening strike concluded the plane in question would make the next scheduled flight at 1900 hours. I think I read that correctly. The Indonesian plane that went missing just after the Guernsey flight was struck, did crash. I wonder if there is a connection. Or perhaps the prediction hasn’t really occurred. All very interesting. Thanks for your hard work Eric! And thanks to all who post!

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