Ecuador Volcano Erupts

This prediction is happening. For the people of Ecuador please be cautious and evacuate for your own safety.  Everyone please pray for the safety and well being of all those in Ecuador.

Notes on 7-16-15     Ecuador (or around it).. evacuate the old town.. 27.. such a massive explosion from the volcano.
I had a visual of a massive display of lava and smoke. Then they showed it afterwards and there was only half the volcano left.

Gap of time: 30 days

14 thoughts on “Ecuador Volcano Erupts”

  1. Fans, followers, friends please take a look at the pattern happening right now. The predictions for ‘Notes on 7-16-15’ seem to be unfolding at once. I am considering reposting these notes, while marking those predictions that happened, I would love for you to share the notes of this date with everyone, help me make everyone aware of Spirits work. Blog it with others, add a thread to another site, share it with friends, FB, twitter, reddit, media outlets, The more open everyone is to the idea that their work is authentic the sooner we can start convincing people to be more active in changing future predictions and thus altering the outcome.

  2. Goodness –I love Cotopaxi such an incredibly beautiful place ….I’ve been 3/4 of up it — an experience that will forever stay with..

    It’s the highest active volcano in the world. In fact a picture of it was my online ‘avatar’ for many years. Also very fond of Ecuador… So sorry to see this happening I hope the losses are absolutely minimal.

  3. Mt Sukarajima volcano in Japan is on level 4 alert -prepare to evacuate, 5 is the highest alert. Interesting tidbit? The Seani nuclear power plant was rebooted Friday and a mere 50 kilometers from volcanic area 😦 Brings to mind Erics vision of a nuke plant couple months back.

    1. Eric, I wonder if this explains the crazy active earthquakes in USA today As It Affected by active volcano in Japan. That’s one thought. Its possible something big is about to happen within next few days btw Japan and USA west coastal.


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