Notes on 8-4-15

We are talking about a president (or prime minister)… Oh have the mighty have fallen.. he is told to resign immediately.” — Spirit Voice

Spirit who are you talking about?

Eric’s comments: Spirit explained, it’s not one person but a theme of events that stretch over the whole year, a Karmic force that dictates a period were our leaders must pay their dues.  It will be the end for many despicable leaders, the exposure of the corruption and lies, and multiple shifts in power.

“It’s time for us to expose what’s underneath. We will crack open the prison of the many and with overwhelming Karma your leaders will pay their debts.  For the year, revolution and civil dissident spread like fire.” — Spirits Voice

Africa: Two factions once together begin to fight, spilling blood, the worlds response will be lame.
That sounds like Burundi, and the president who refuses to step down.

North Korea: That place so contained, and rigidly controlled you might think an outside force would crack it, disrupt it, but its internal change that comes in.  Everyone will be shocked to see the horror behind the now open lid. The guards will carry his demise.

I had a visual of a dead body.

I had a visual of a matryoshka doll, inside was a secret, that read; exposure, corruption

I had a visual of the President of Venezuela standing at a podium, the crowd of people were screaming at him, waving their fist in rage.

August: I had a visual of a train destroyed, burned, with a gaping hole, torn. “7”
They implied Germany but that wasn’t entirely clear.

Many of you have been asking about the process used to predict these events. How exactly does Spirit make these predictions? I am familiar with how the process works but let me discuss the ‘sharing’ with them first, and then in the next few days I will post our conversation and knowledge of our process, assuming they give me a green light. It really does explain a lot of the ‘whys’ and the flaws that come with it.


52 thoughts on “Notes on 8-4-15

  1. Hi Eric, do you think Spirit is talking about Malaysia in South East Asia? Investigation is ongoing now to locate the billions of money missing from the fund and some opposition leaders are not allowed to travel overseas and some are being questioned.

  2. Well, Eric, I hope all this corruption is exposed, certainly the UK has much to answer for. We are hoping the Chilcot enquiry will be finally published, re the Iraq war, and the Westminster paedophile ring will truly be exposed. Justice is sadly lacking in so many countries worldwide, it seems that money and power are all the leaders crave. How did the world ever get to this state?

  3. Hi, Eric! Remember me? I’m Lili, from Venezuela. As you may know by the news, Venezuela is total chaos because of our leaders. Last night you shared with me that you had had a visual of the President of Venezuela standing at a podium, the crowd of people were screaming at him, waving their fist in rage. Does this prediction have anything to do with your openning prediction? “We are talking about a president (or prime minister)… Oh have the mighty have fallen.. he is told to resign immediately.” — Spirit Voice
    When do the Spirit say this would happen? All of us oposition, that I believe we’re mayority, have been waiting for this moment for 16 years! Should we have any hope this happening any time soon?
    Thank you, Eric.

  4. The theme of events over the span of a year where karma or paying dues is involved sounds very much like the concept denoted by the Shemitah.

    • i wouldn’t pay too much attention to that site, there is not going to be any nuclear war. you actually have a rather amazing future about to be presented, but those who have been stuck in the karmic cycle here are rapidly cleaning their slate first. but it is far closer than people realise to being presented to the world. I personally wouldn’t bother with any site that is putting out negativity like that site

  5. eric, does this post, also work the other way, where victims and the poor, and all those who are harmed, get healed and or help, in different ways?

  6. Reading john kerrys remarks on iran.what I found interesting in transcripts was israel does not want peace. Its doable. Land deal for israel with Palestine. I guess its more profitable for status quo. I think everyone is sick and tired of war.we should have a boxing match with the leader of iran and Israel square off. Would be largest hbo televised fight in boxing history

  7. I hope at least some of these corrupt leaders that get exposed come from America. We could use the help.

  8. Eric, regarding the cracking open… Argentina
    On Thursday, 7,689 days since the 1994 attack on the Argentine Israelite Mutual Association, former President Carlos Menem, a former top judge and several others will go on trial for allegedly derailing the investigation.

    Prosecutors have accused Iranian officials of being behind the bombing. But no one has been convicted in this South American country’s worst terrorist attack, which many Argentines believe has come to symbolize an inept and corrupt justice system that operates at the whims of politicians and can be bought off.

    “After 21 years of no justice, deception and defrauding the families (of victims), we hope that the truth will emerge about everyone who plotted to cover up and derail the investigation,” said Olga Degtiar, whose son was killed in the blast.


  9. You say the spirits are noting karma is comming due and leaders paying there debts i pray this is true cause i am so sick in tired of seeing the rich get richer and poor continues to get trampled on its one of the sickest things i have ever seen and perhaps they know thats why there trying to bring upon evil cause perhaps they feel there time is up. The scales do need to tip back towards we the people and hopefully justice will be served well done with the rant and god bless all may peace and happiness come to all.

  10. Eric, leader of UN Central African mission ……Excerpt…
    “BANGUI, Central African Republic (AP) — Widespread relief greeted the resignation of the head of the peacekeeping mission in Central Africa Republic over the force’s handling of dozens of misconduct allegations, including rape and killing.”


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