Notes on 7-19-15

I had a visual of a very cruel man start a fire in a building.
“The man will burn the building.. and it will burn, burn.” — Spirits Voice
I had another odd visual of a man dressed in orange. He was setting a bomb oddly in what looked like a boat house or shipyard. But just as it was about to go off it seemed oddly avoidable, as if it could be stopped or foiled. Perhaps its a message of a ‘fishy’ situation.
“Ireland.. a warning to you.. the radicals are back” — Spirits Voice

With their ominous message they showed two different paths, one where hope and peace prevailed, while the other brought back an upheaval, violence.  So please Ireland squash the coming radical bluster, remind your neighbor that peace and hope are the only way. In some ways it reminded me of Notes on 6-28-15

I had a visual of the US flag.
“The captives.. the prisoners.. freed.. a stealth act.. the critics silenced.” — Spirits Voice

“China.. 18.. such a horrible tragic event.. terror attack.. around 650.. a massive situation.. one of the absolute worse.. a major event is coming” — Spirits Voice
I had a visual of several people walking, sitting, standing then I heard a massive explosion in the background followed by utter panic.
Spirit is correcting a mistake they made in Notes on 7-16-15 , Spirit has mixed up this message with other predictions. Vehicles destroyed happened in California, and a large fire took place on the 16th at a plant in China.

When we originally made this prediction the number they presented was 643, then they changed it to ‘around’ 650 people. So this is not one of there riddles, that is the amount of people involved.

They also showed the number 30. So expect some of these predictions in August.

In other news: This message below is apart of Notes on 6-19-15 Spirit is predicting the horrible shooting in Tennessee, but the rest of the prediction is talking about something else, perhaps the foiled events in NY. Nick is still in question. Please pray for the people of Tennessee.

They implied Tennessee,  later they would add Nashville. However I don’t know much about the state other than Nashville, so even though they mention the city it is more likely they are verifying the state by mentioning one of its  key cities.
“Such a tear in the heart of a nation.. that desperately needs to find its solution.”

A message from Macabe, the Conductor:

I asked: How do we know we will make a difference with these predictions, it seems like an endless amount of nothing?

“Something truly awesome is coming, and soon. You say we can’t win and I say we already have.”

I had a visual I was jumping from one cliff to another, it seemed an impossible task but I jumped across successfully, in the vision as I landed, I smashed into the head of a deer.

I had a visual of city in the night, from a distance, lightning was crashing all around the city, thunder crashed, and the sky light up.

I am not sure what the deer means, however they are predicting the start of our success in changing these horrific predictions, starting with one specific city or location. Lightning in the past has been used to describe Spirits influence, or power, and its ties to the Creator.

65 thoughts on “Notes on 7-19-15

  1. They have rarely split their message, normally they just predict the horror of an event and leave it as that. But in Ireland they present two different, opposing, possible outcomes. Lets hope these situations are foiled, and no one is hurt. Please Ireland be diligent.

  2. Concerning your vision of crashing into the head of a deer….over the ages the deer has symbolized many things….but depends upon whether male (a stag) or female (a doe)…and also color of the deer. Generally, think a doe is indicative of serenity, peace…? Hope that is what you discover.

  3. Interesting that you saw a man dressed in orange associated with an attack in Ireland. Definition of “Orangeman” 1. A member of a secret society founded in Northern Ireland in 1795 to maintain the political and religious ascendancy of Protestantism.
    2. A Protestant Irishman.

      1. The “marching season” in Northern Ireland is in July. This is when the Orangeman (Protestant) march through many Catholic neighborhoods in the north. It’s a serious bone of contention btwn Catholics and Protestant
        13 July – Orangeman’s Day (observed). Marching season culminates in The Twelfth celebration of the Glorious Revolution and the Battle of the Boyne.[1]

        I keep in touch with some of my Irish cousins via FB and there has been a lot of hateful graffiti lately about hanging Catholics. It may mean the “troubles ” are starting to return, so hope not.

        1. I hope not too! The good news is they do show 2 possible outcomes. I had no idea about the ‘Orange’ connection, Clearly Spirit knows far more than I could ever. So that makes it more symbolic, which means perhaps the boat house is symbolic.

        1. That was one of my thoughts, a lot of the other projects I have regarding these predictions would cost money, perhaps the message is one where the problem is dealt with in some way.

  4. Eric, an interesting turn is the last line of this.

    The expression is said to have originated from poker, in which a marker or counter (e.g., a knife with a buckhorn handle during the American Frontier era) was used to indicate the person whose turn it was to deal. If the player did not wish to deal he could pass the responsibility by passing the “buck”, as the counter came to be called, to the next player.[2] Another less common but arguably less fanciful attribution is to the French expression “Bouc émissaire” meaning scapegoat, whereby passing the “bouc” is equivalent to passing the blame or onus.[3] The terms “bouc émissaire” and scapegoat both originate from an Old Testament (Lev. 16:6-10) reference to an animal that was ritually made to carry the burden of sins, after which the “buck” was sent or “passed” into the wilderness to expiate them.

  5. Off subject but I was wondering g if you ha e had anything from spirit re today’s terror attacks in Turkey 😦

  6. When I read “orange” in reference to Ireland the first thing I thought of also is orange is the color associated with Protestant Northern Ireland. July is the height of the “Marching Season” in Northern Ireland. There are many Protestant and Catholic parades, I think most being Protestant, to show cultural pride. And often there are fears the parades could spark violence. Not an expert on this but this is what little I know.

    1. They march to celebrate the Battle of the Boyne. See below:

      The Battle of the Boyne (Irish: Cath na Bóinne IPA: [ˈkah n̪ˠə ˈbˠoːn̪ʲə]) was a battle in 1690 between the Catholic James II of England and the Protestant William III of England and II of Scotland, who, with his wife, Mary II (his cousin and James’ daughter), had overthrown James in England in 1688. The battle took place across the River Boyne near the town of Drogheda on the east coast of Ireland, and resulted in a victory for William. This turned the tide in James’ failed attempt to regain the British crown and ultimately aided
      in ensuring the continued Protestant ascendancy in Ireland.

      There are many sites on the Internet that can bring u up to speed on Irish History. A really great play to see is “the Irish and how they got that way” written by McCourt brothers.

      1. Hi, caseyatthebat, maybe the wheel is turning all the “problems related to the turmoil with England” of the Irish, and the Scots and the Welsh have had historically, still shadowing,
        Hopefully it can change..
        Eg Moslems / Christians…1st century onwards .. Another wheel..

  7. Evening Eric. With all of the recent happenings in Space and exciting news of great things coming our way in this most recent prediction, I was wondering if anything has come about from the prediction back in January 2013 about two bodies colliding in space making an immense light that would be a miracle for Humanity in the far future. I know that the bodies did indeed collide a few months later but with New Horizons out there past pluto it peaked my interest a bit.

  8. Eric could this fire which occurred in NJ at the 1 million sq ft warehouse be mixed with this Ireland Prediction? It started around 2:00 am in the back of a warehouse that had about eight businesses, (one being a plastics manufacturer), housed in it. They had 44 fire engines fighting the fire and it was visible from space… so pretty massive.

  9. The China Explosion happened in a port.. fishy situation is right! perhaps this was an act of terror? i truly hope not.. these are terribly scary times things are escalating at an alarming rate i feel events building but what is the conclusion be?

  10. Star ..Jules
    Actually upper west Australia is to be 50° c
    120°f ..
    Oh hope tcstays up there ..
    Bush fires are going to be a huge problem all over the country ..prayers love and light it’s not going to get as bad as they predict .

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