Chicago Shootings

This prediction has happened.

Notes on 8-16-14
“Evil..” Spirit said
“Clarity please.” I said
“In or around Chicago.. children buried.. mourning turns to rage.. another mad man with a gun.. such needless loss.. his name tied to the first one.” Spirits Voice

The Facts: “Chicago: Nine people were killed and at least 53 people were injured in Chicago shootings over the July 4 holiday weekend. The youngest victim was Amari Brown, 7. Police said his father was the target.

Amari was killed just before midnight Saturday in the 1100-block of North Harding Avenue in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood. He was standing with an unrelated 26-year-old woman when the shots were fired. They were both struck in the chest.

Police said neither Amari nor the woman was the intended targets. Investigators said gunman was aiming for the boy’s father, Antonio Brown. Brown was identified by Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy as a gang member with 45 arrests.” Quoted News:

5 responses to “Chicago Shootings”

  1. Nate Avatar

    Prayers for Amari, his family and all affected.

  2. Harvey Avatar

    Such tragic. Have family members live there. I’m surprised the Spirits didn’t say like during a holiday. So scary and heartbroken.

  3. rhona Avatar

    One day one bright and sunny day the guns will be put away…Amari sweet and inocent bless your family with love and comfort…

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes prayers for all those who lost lives.

  4. Popi Avatar

    May they rest in peace beside God

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