Dallas Police Station Attempted Bombing

Both of these predictions seems related to the events in Texas. I believe 12 could seen as a date, however the events unfolded on the 13th.

Notes on 1-15-15   I had a visual of a wolf (lone wolf?) walking past a bomb disposal robot.  “Terror.. Terror”
I had a visual of a clock strike 12, ‘Now’
“This is all so horribly wrong.” Spirits Voice

Notes on 4-5-15  Then it switched: I had a visual I was standing behind the back of a van. Someone opened the vans back door and there was a bomb. In the visual the van was white but as the doors closed it changed colors to blue.

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  1. Harvey Avatar

    Eric, you got it right about the clock struck 12. It happened after midnight.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks Harvey

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