Dallas Police HQ Attack

This prediction has happened. Blue has to be a reference to police.

Notes on 4-5-15  Then it switched: I had a visual I was standing behind the back of a van. Someone opened the vans back door and there was a bomb. In the visual the van was white but as the doors closed it changed colors to blue.

The facts by (CNN) “A man unleashed a barrage of gunfire on Dallas’ police headquarters and planted explosives outside the building early Saturday — narrowly failing to wound anyone — leading to a chase to a suburb that ended with officers shooting him in his parked van at a restaurant parking lot.

Police believe they killed the suspect, though they haven’t confirmed his death yet. Late Saturday morning were using a robot to probe the van in the suburb of Hutchins because the suspect claimed he had rigged the vehicle with explosives, Dallas Police Chief David Brown told reporters.

“We believe this suspect meant to kill officers,” Brown said. “We barely survived the intentions of this suspect.”

Police planned controlled explosions at the van in the parking lot of a Jack in the Box restaurant to ensue the vehicle could be safely approached, Brown said. Quoted by http://edition.cnn.com/2015/06/13/us/dallas-police-headquarters-shooting/index.html?eref=edition

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  1. Harvey Avatar

    I remember seeing that post in April. Unbelievable that it’s right in my city of Dallas! Never thought it’d be in Dallas. I wonder what was his intentions to use the bombs? Aiming for police office building and why?

  2. susan Avatar

    Could the 12 be a reference to the time of the attack as the attack began about 12:30?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Usually on a clock its a date, but you could be right.

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