Blue Drop Heroin Overdoses

Even though this prediction is flawed, I do believe the prediction has happened. I believe the view of the sears tower symbolizes a reminder to a prediction that has happened.  I wish for a speedy safe recovery to the people of Marion.

Notes on 5-10-15    “Drugs.. Chicago area.”  I had a visual of a town in mourning. Several teenagers had died from an overdose, or the drug was poisonous. All of them had died around the same time. In the vision the drug was synthetic. The vision ended with a funeral, there was leaves falling in the background.

Notes on 6-10-15    I had a visual of the Sears tower, perhaps a prediction about Chicago.

The Facts reported on 5-29-15 by ‘The Marion Star’:  “Police Chief Bill Collins said Thursday evening.
During a press conference about two hours earlier, he announced that MARMET had made nine arrests, adding that he expected more arrests to follow soon. The latest two arrests were made on Mound Street. He did not provide names or arrest reports for the people arrested, saying the information is part of an active investigation. He said the people were local residents with some ties to Chicago, the source of the heroin.
All of them were arrested on charges of drug trafficking, and Collins said a person who is charged with trafficking is a supplier; he also said some had recent past convictions or charges for narcotics.
Collins said there have been 27 reported overdoses in the city, and Sheriff Tim Bailey said there have been five in the county as well, including the two fatal overdoses of 19-year-old Bailey Witzel and 31-year-old Christopher Wolford last week.
Without naloxone, Collins said, he’s confident there would have been over 30 overdose deaths.
“It’s been unbelievable, the last seven days. … I get a page every time on my phone that we have an overdose, and my phone’s been going off consistently every day and into the evenings,” Collins said.” Quoted by

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  1. rhona Avatar

    Heartbreaking …prayers love and light to all in Marion…being a parent of four and grandparent of young ones words fail me ….God be with them and all involved..

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