Notes on 6-3-15 Part 2

I separated these predictions from the other predictions today because they are incomplete and vague. I need to ask for further details, but at the same time I also need to get the details of other major events such as the Louisiana flooding, specifically when will the flooding begin in New Orleans.

“In and around Tabasco Mexico.. a massive storm.. flooding, flooding.. damage and destruction.”

“Kiss of death.” I had a visual of a person standing in a hospital walking towards a room full of people. The person blew a kiss. Everything became blurry.

“Hot button issue.. you destroyed us.. I know it was inappropriate.” I had a visual of a person shopping in a liquor store. Then the visual switched to a road sign, perhaps a speed limit sign, that read ’35’.

“As groups become more and more radical, violence in the world will prosper.. its arrival sooner than expected.”


46 thoughts on “Notes on 6-3-15 Part 2

  1. This may sound crazy, but the “hot button issue” I am thinking of right now is the Duggars son, Josh Duggar, molesting four of his sisters and one other unnamed person when he was 14. he just resigned as the Executive Director of the Family Research Council Action (lobbyist from what I can tell), in DC, and TLC cancelled The Duggars show. And I actually liked that show kinda sorta. Also there is a Highway 35 in Benton, AR., not to be confused with Bentonville, AR where I believe the family lives. I can’t imagine anyone going out and drinking in that family though. Anyway, that is what I thought about. Seems somewhat insignificant in the scheme of things but….

    • Hi Cheryl and Eric. I was thinking the same thing. Whether it is intentional or not was my question really. The Anthrax incident is a mess! I bet somebody got fired or demoted. 😦

    • What about the recent MERS infections? I am living in Seoul right now and it’s all people are talking about. Especially because it was just released that a doctor was contagious and might have accidentally spread it hospital room to hospital room.

  2. I recently had a dream that seemed like a puzzle piece to something…it was of a white Lamborghini that had been repossessed by a greedy, seedy lawyer guy handling an estate of a person that recently lost everything(to death or some other tragic event). Either the driver or the lawyer had some ties to cocaine. The only white Lamborghini that I know of is Justin Beiber’s.

  3. There is a storm forming on the Pacific side of Mexico that is expected to be named “Carlos” by Sunday (14 June 2015). It’s possible that this is the one that will impact Tobasco, Mexico.

    • It fits however their has to be a reason for the ‘kiss of death’ message. But I can ask them to verify. They have been saying ‘yes/no’ to some other messages. For instance I asked if the bus incident was the shooting they were talking about and they said no.

      • Eric, I think it is just the prelude to the bigger situation..
        Ithe flooding is heading south towards Baton Rouge than. Watch out New Orleans …with more ..water

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