Notes on 5-30-15

You, the fans, asked: Why has the world become so evil, so hostile, so insane?

“You live in an awesome time, this century and the next all the old will come crashing down, and something better will replace it. The darkness evicted, frozen, their days numbered and they know it. ” — Spirits Voice

The darkness is backed in the corner, and what we are witnessing is their hysterical response.

“Eleven casualties, shot, at a campus.. charter.. what a despicable act.”

In half an hour (15 days, Mid June) the major flooding arrives.

Spirit implied that the Louisiana situation is a separate prediction unrelated to these major floods, so we need to regroup and find out where these major floods are, but the impression was more than one location.

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  1. Any news about the hurricane season? I’m on the east coast ( South Carolina ) and I just have this terrible feeling for this upcoming hurricane season.

  2. That’s wonderful news to hear about the darkness, evil being evicted. I love how they worded that. I would say the 11 casualties must be at a charter school here in the US. Do other countries have “charter” schools? Can we change the outcome Eric? Get a possible name for the school, or area it happens in?

  3. In regards to flooding, this past week Texas has seen the ugliest flooding in history, roads have flooded and become rivers with strong currents …roads to rivers!!! Wiping out complete neighborhoods in the dead of night, homes ripped to shreds in seconds many people missing in flood waters. Highways, freeways ,underpasses disappear under water, complete cities in stagnant waters (45 feet in some areas) San Marcos, Austin, Houston, Dallas every major city in Texas has had its own beating this week in ways never before seen in regards to rain and flooding. The ground is saturated with feet of stagnant waters. More rain is expected and there are scientists that predict most of Texas will be under water by mid June!!! Even the smallest storm is a theat to us now, I couldn’t even imagine what a weak hurricane would do to us let alone a monster storm

    1. I am starting to get the impression this is a sweeping event for the world, that just like we had several earthquakes back to back we are going to have floods back to back, and they are going to be very bad.

  4. The world hasn’t become evil, far from it the world is shifting higher and higher up in vibrations. This world is a breathe away from opening back up to what it truly is, to all those that are around it and on it to help this race progress. It is an amazing time for this world but the planet needs to shake off the lower vibrations that humans have for so long used to harm it. Embrace the storms, the earthquakes, they are doing their job of clearing energy, any who pass in them do so because that is what they asked for in spirit.

    1. Sorry but your optimistic look on how the world is now is sadly unrealistic. There is good out there but unfortunately we are heavily outweighed by te bad folks.

      1. understanding you see it this way samantha and its hard to grasp how many goid folk are out there but when you look at the true figures and ratio good folk are just go shopping and we are surrounded by people the same as us…dont let evil win your mind set over with fear….i am not unrealistic but we all fought and won many wars previous with hope and preyer and tactics ….chin up and have faith in humanity…bless your heart.

  5. this is all a teaching tool. to teach all people and all nations, to come together, to work together, for all! hopefully, everyone, will lose their hat.e for others, which is falsely hidden, behind their religious beliefs, of what THEY think GOD is like……….. my heart and spirit, goes out to everyone,… what effects one nation, and its people, effects EVERONE, this will be the major lesson, everyone, will learn………2015, is the quiet year, preparing, all of us for 2016, and 2017. but, never live in fear, all these changes taking place on earth, is slowly changing nations goverments and its people. but we have to stretch out of our comfort zone, to see the bigger picture. LOVE is the energy, that holds together everything. blessings to all of you for sharing and caring……………

  6. I hope this Theodore take a que from the new show Mr.Robot they speak of hacking the debt systems and clear them all, no credit card debts and no mortgages! 🙂

  7. Eric, a article from a professor and AP that lists cities overdue for Hurricanes .
    E.g. Excerpt..”Cities like Tampa, Houston, Jacksonville and Daytona Beach historically get hit with major hurricanes every 20 to 40 years, according to meteorologists. But those same places have now gone at least 70 years — sometimes more than a century — without getting smacked by those monster storms, according to data analyses by an MIT hurricane professor and The Associated Press.”

      1. Major flooding in Dunedin, New Zealand. 175mm ( 7 inches ) over 24 hours beating monthly record for rainfall in June

  8. odd, when I first heard of the Charleston, SC, church shooting this was almost my first thought:
    “Eleven casualties, shot, at a campus.. charter.. what a despicable act.” the details are all wrong but the heinous nature is right on

    1. Yes, and the debate over whether he would be an adult or teenager also fits. But clearly Spirit made so fairly large mistakes. It takes me back to the days when we first started doing this. But they said the mistake was putting all the information together. Either way it could be done better.

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