NATO Came Close to War With Russia

This Prediction has happened.

Notes on 3-1-14   I had a visual of jets in the sky, the sky had dark clouds but then the clouds turned white and the sun shined.

The Facts: “Reports claim that last month the world avoided what could have turned into World War Three by a matter of just 20 feet. An Estonian military official told Ahmed Rashid of The New York Review of Books just how close we came to catastrophe when he revealed that a Russian fighter jet only just avoided a mid-air collision with a U.S. military plane. The narrowly avoided incident could have set off a chain of events which led to the invasion of Estonia and a descent into World War Three.” Quoted News:

7 thoughts on “NATO Came Close to War With Russia

  1. Oh gosh….that was so close. Why US military jet comes into near contact with Russian military jet? On what land?

  2. Okay I just read. That’s just stupid for anyone to mess around with Russia military jets cuz Putin is hard head and no mercy. Just stay away from Russia. Putin is not the person to mess around. Dangerous. He is reincarnated of Napoleon. He’d finished it as he started before in his life time.

    1. he is not Napoleon reincarnated. and there wont be any major wars, the time of major conflicts has ended

  3. Napoleon lost the war in his time and he will lose again in WW III. NO ONE wins wars in WW III.

  4. Guy took control of plane after hacking into it via entertainment outlet on plane after he blogged. Guy should be given a metal if true. Better him to find out and prove it then some terrorist. This brings a second problem. The media has posted this story which they should of not if this story proves to be true. These people have no common sense in the media and have to have their hands slapped. I think Eric said before a lot of problems with planes in 2015 which is proven to be the case. Hopefully 2016 is year of adjustments with lessons learned plus satellite tracking of all planes.

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