Notes on 5-14-15

A revolution is beginning and it is a thing of beauty. The corruption of the government no longer acceptable. The gap between rich and poor now a subject to change.

I had a vision of the previous walk on wall street with people sitting in multiple groups, relaxed, some were reading books while others danced and played.

I had a vision of a new group, they marched down wall street like an armada, resolute to one agenda, one precise goal to achieve, they all faced the same direction and their march was in unison, and wall street trembled with fear, as the army of ordinary people grew.

I had a vision of IVs full of blood, then they became empty, squeezed to the last drop.

I had a visual of Gaza burning, the evil hebrew is to blame. A great tinderbox ignites.

The horror of Nepal is not over, when the rain comes so does the mudslides.

Many of you have pointed the connection between the horrible train accident and Notes on 1-10-15 but in the prediction it talks about an insane man, or angry man. I have not heard any ties to a person with mental issues. Please pray for the people in that horrible accident.

It’s also looking like a busy day 3 different predictions have unfolded. Secret Service firing, deposed President Pierre Nkurunziza, and perhaps ties with the flooding in New Zealand. We will post later today, I don’t want to flood your emails.  


52 thoughts on “Notes on 5-14-15

    • Star48. I can’t imagine the Spirits are saying Hebrew is evil. Maybe it’s something an antagonist says themselves or something? This makes me think of the 2-15-15 prediction of a demon jumping up out of the ground. Also Post on 4-16-13 “The Enemy”, Lilith standing next to Lucifer, Lilith front and center. I thought this list of names and their meanings was interesting.

      • Jules104, Or are they are referencing an evil (entity) using a Hebrew?
        Or instigating an evil act?… ( lighting a tinderbox)
        War seems to be inevitable ..Syria..etc..all countries around that area are preparing.

        The question can it be stopped? Only spirit knows…
        I have such a hard time – watching from a distance- knowing that this problem has taken 100’S
        1000 of years in the making….tribal warfare at its best…religion thrown into the mix…
        Deadly cocktail.

  1. Eric I am glad to hear there will be a new group who are in unison and marching together as one. It does sound like a beautiful thing to behold. I hope things can be changed for the better.

  2. You got that flood prediction spot on.

    Im living just 6 miles from the worst of the nz floods so far one fatality more heavy rain is predicted fir tonight (friday).

  3. Eric, the 1-10-15 prediction talks of a man with a staple gun, could this have to do with the Engineerer getting 15 staples in his head? They keep saying it on the news, Also, his name is Brandon Bostian (Boston?), and he lives in Queens.

  4. Ask your guides Eric for top list of temples that people can donate to in Nepal so they can distribute and help with much needed food and shelter.

  5. Questions about the Amtrak “accident”,

    They are now reporting the train was struck my an object before the crash and that the conductor/engineer didnt report it. And that another train 20minutes before was also struck by an object but it was reported and was stopped for investigation just before the other crashed 3 miles away. Are these 2 linked? Possible attack and not an accident? It seems like a very odd coincidence. If not an attack, maybe space debris and bad luck? Curious if anyone else had thoughts on the matter.

  6. Concerning the IVs of blood becoming empty, squeezed. I am wondering if this could be referencing a time frame if in the Northern Hemisphere. According to the Red Cross, they ask eligible donors to donate blood in the Spring, after the busy Winter months where many are sick with colds and flu and don’t get out to donate and before the busy Summer months, when blood and platelet donations decrease due to school being out of session and vacationing, though the demand is high then. Donors are needed to alleviate this seasonal decline. Maybe we could spread the word and try to help mitigate the prediction. To donate you can go to or call 1-800-RED CROSS if in the US. I was also wondering if it could be pointing to some sort of outbreak where certain people wouldn’t be allowed to donate blood due to a virus. I still can’t donate blood here in the US due to living in Germany during 1980-1990 because of the mad cow disease outbreak there. I think that alone has limited a lot of people who would otherwise be donating blood.

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