Turkey Protest Turns Violent

This prediction has happened.

Notes on 4-1-15  I had a visual of a large group of people holding red and white flags. The group seemed to be a gathering. Then the visual switched to a bloody scene of people laying on the ground, it seemed chaotic.

Notes on 4-27-15  Subjects Eric Turkey, GOP

The Facts: Police violently clash with communist supporters in Turkey

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  1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

    It never crossed my mind that this vision would be about communism, does anyone know why Turkey would like to change their government to a different social order. Also keep in mind the actual flag of Turkey is white and red.

    1. smartcookie Avatar

      Copied this off an Internet site:

      Political Structure of Turkey

      Form of Government :

      Presidential Democratic Republic

      Head of the State :

      President elected by the National Assembly for a 7 year term . The president supervises the state departments, and the whole procedure of the Constitution. Among his duties are publishing and returning laws to parliament for revision, deciding the renewal of elections and appointing the prime minister.

      President (2001) :

      Mr Necdet Sezer

      Head of the Government:

      Prime Minister elected by people for every 5 years.

      Government/Cabinet :

      The Cabinet which is politically responsible to the Legislature is composed of the Prime Minister and the ministers (32). After the general elections, the leader of the party winning the majority is appointed as the Prime minister by the President. The ministers are selected by the Prime Minister but again appointed by the President. In addition to 15 state ministers, the government is formed of the following ministries; Justice, National Defense, Finance and Customs, National Education, Public Works and Housing, Health, Transport, Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Labor and Social Security, Industry and Commerce, Energy and Natural Resources, Culture, Tourism, Forestry, the Environment, Home and Foreign Affairs

      Government (2003) :

      One Party Government : Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi (AK) – Justice and Welfare Party

      Prime Minister (2003):

      Mr Abdullah Gül (AKP)

      Constitution :

      7 November 1982

      Legislation :

      National Assembly ( 550 members ) Selected by the nation/people from 81 provinces. The Turkish grand National Assembly was first empowered to exercise legislative power in Ankara on April 23, 1920, by Mustafa Kemal. The duties of the TGNA include enacting and amending laws, monitoring the actions of the Cabinet and Ministers, debating the budget, ratifying international agreements and declaring a war. Anybody above the age of 30, who has minimum primary school education and who has security clearance can be elected as a deputy. The deputies represent not only the regions in which they were elected but the whole Nation. One third of the Assembly is enough to hold a session. The decisions are taken by an absolute majority vote of those present. UP

      Courts :

      Constitutional Court, Supreme Court. UP

      Political Parties (2001) :

      In The Assembly : Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi (AK) – Justice and Welfare Party ; Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi ( CHP ) – Republican People’s Party; Dogru Yol Partisi ( DYP ) – True Path Party

      Out of the Assembly: Democratic Sol Parti ( DSP ) – Democratic Left Party; Milliyetçi Hareket Partisi ( MHP ) – Nationalist Movement Party; Anavatan Partisi ( ANAP ) – Motherland Party; Saadet Partisi (SP) – Prosperity Party; check from left column… UP

      Voting :

      At age 21. UP

      State Administration :

      Each of 81 provinces is governed by “Vali” appointed by the Government. The functions of the provincial local government organizations can be grouped as Health and social insurance, Public works, Culture and Education, Agriculture and animal husbandry, Economic and Commercial functions.

      The governor, the representative of the central administration, is also the head of the provincial local government and its chief executive. The governor usually acts in line with the decisions made by the provincial general assembly. UP

      Local Administration :

      Every Province has a Municipality Assembly elected by people every five year. The Mayor “Belediye Baskanı” acts as the chief executive and is responsible for the duties. All provinces are divided in to towns “ilce” governed by a public elected mayor “Ilce Belediye Baskanı” and town Assembly. All municipalities are public corporate entities. Municipal organizations must be set up in all provincial and district centers. Besides carrying out duties related to health and social assistance, public works, education, agriculture, the economy and the well-being of its citizens, municipalities are required to take the necessary measures to meet all civic needs. These include municipal services including law enforcement, collection of municipal taxes, duties, fees, and domestic refuge. They also provide drinking water, gas, electricity and public transport facilities.

      All towns are divided in to villages “koy” governed by “muhtar” and village Assembly. A village is formed by people living in scattered or closely packed houses with their yards, gardens and land, together with their common property such as a mosque, school or pasture.

      A village administration is formed in villages where at least 150 people live. This administration is a corporate entity.

      The basic body in the village administration is the Village Assembly composed of villagers over the age of 21. This assembly elects the village headman “Muhtar” for a term of five years. The headman represents the central administration and supervises the planning and operation of village projects and services. UP

      Military Forces :

      The Military Force is headed by the Chief Executive Orgeneral. In its own system every 5 years the chief executive changes. The Army forces are formed of four major divisions. Kara Kuvvetleri Komutanlıgı (Land forces), Hava kuvvetleri Komutanlıgı (Air Forces), Deniz Kuvvetleri Komutanlıgı (Marine) and the Jandarma Genel Komutamlıgı (Jandarme forces). UP

      Military Service :

      Obligatory for men aged from 18 to 40 for 18 months as soldier. Men graduated from University could select either 8 months as soldier or 15 months as under officers. UP

  2. smartcookie Avatar

    FYI…. Undersea Volcano may be erupting off of US Northwest coast

    1. Harvey Avatar

      Thanks smartcookie! It’s brilliant to see the undersea volcanoe. Look at the beauty of the vent!

      1. allen Avatar

        couldn’t a erupting underwater volcanoe trigger ,something far worst? earths tectonic plates, not staple ?

      2. Lehayla Avatar

        This volcano is not the type to cause tsunamis or problems associated with the Cascadia Subduction Zone which was most people concern. This volcano was predicted to erupt by scientists last year and has been monitored closely for a very long time. My friend in the industry says its nothing to be concerned about. Its just a really fascinating event. I’m more concerned about the recent study proving tidal forces do cause the subduction zone to have minor slips which could eventually trigger the megathrust quake that would kill 10,000+ when it finally pops. So, watch out for full moons! They really can increase likelihood of 8+ quakes.

  3. Carolyn malone Avatar
    Carolyn malone

    On a totally unrelated note, I predict the new royal baby being born today will be a girl, and they will name her Charlotte Diana. We have to have a good prediction for once. ☺

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Is it baby time already.

    2. Harvey Avatar

      Excited news! It’s a girl. Welcomed to this world!

      Prince George is reincarnated of Princess Di as she was very close to her dear sons. She felt very painful being separated from them. She wanted to return to them. It will be her last earthly plane in her lifetime. Wait till Prince George reveal her personality btw age 5 to 8. It will be noticeable through her personality. Her greatest passion is humanity, the poor and sick. She spent her time with Mother Teresa after life.

    3. Radeatsveggies Avatar

      Pretty much spot on! Charlotte Elizabeth Diana!

      1. Harvey Avatar

        Pretty name.

    4. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


    5. jules104 Avatar

      Way to go Carolyn!

  4. Carolyn malone Avatar
    Carolyn malone

    Yes, it is!

  5. Lehayla Avatar

    Prayers for University of Toledo. Shooter inside. Many students locked in rooms and the basement while others are evacuated. Not much information yet other than what students are tweeting about inside. Suspect has assault rifle, a few “pops” have been heard.

  6. anthony Avatar

    They had attack in Texas in regards to 2 isis fighters converts yesterday.

    1. Harvey Avatar

      Hey, that just 10 miles east from where I live in Dallas!

  7. DaveL Avatar

    Eric, I was thinking about an old prediction 3/18/15 concerning earthquakes and the word “Brita”.
    you indicated you were shown Spain / Portugal. also shown a bay city. Lisbon is by some considered Europe’s San Francisco. Brita in Portuguese is gravel or grit, but as a verb means to crush / to shatter / to break stones. Seems the last big earthquake was in 1954.

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  9. Dorothy Avatar

    Wow Carolyn you were spot on

  10. Dorothy Avatar

    Maybe Carollyn could help you Erick

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