Teen Rescued in Nepal Quake

This truly awesome prediction has happened. I am so excited to bring you good news! What a great day!

Notes on 3-18-15 Earthquake Coming    I had a visual of voices over a radio calling out all emergency services, while I saw red and blue lights racing in several directions.
I had a visual of  rows of seats in what looked like a theater. “They will be trapped, stuck.”
“The young man (boy) will become a hero. A testament of humanities greatness. A truly righteous individual. We tip our hat to you and everyone else who raced to help those in dire circumstances, against the threat of their own safety.” — Spirits Voice
104 ( it was presented on a clock, its unclear what it represents)

The Facts: DRAMATIC RESCUE: Teen rescued 144 hours from rubble after Nepal quake

9 responses to “Teen Rescued in Nepal Quake”

  1. Nicole Avatar

    What great news!

  2. jollymystic Avatar

    Yeayyyy!!!! How brave of the rescuers!

  3. jules104 Avatar

    Could it have to do with the Nepalese Govt opening 104 new peeks for climbing last year?
    They also had this on 104,

    Either way yes its a wonderful day when there is good news Eric. Thank You!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I think 104 was suppose to be 144 hours which is what the man talks about in the video.

  4. Karen Avatar

    Thank you Eric – happy to hear another life saved

  5. kellyrosepalmer Avatar

    This is truly AMAZING NEWS to have a survivor found after 144 hours!!! It’s really a miracle they found him alive after so much time! I know this is a bit off topic but Eric did you either see or hear about the big stationary cluster of lights over San Diego I believe on the same day as the quake?? I keep hearing about it. Thanks to the spirits for such a great prediction!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I heard it with conversations here. But I did not see anything myself.

      1. Harvey Avatar

        I wonder too. Eric, I dread much more frequent large earthquakes. It acting crazy much lately since Nepal quakes. It is continue to act unusal behaviors. It’s not resting. 🙁

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I think we are in the thick of what they were predicting, it wasn’t so long ago that they were saying ‘earthquake, earthquake’ every other day. But now they have moved on, talking about a black out coming, and a prison issue in China.

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