French Soldiers Scandal

Has this prediction happened? I believe the last part of the prediction reflects the treatment of the whistleblower.

Notes on 7-7-14   “France.. an abusive situation.. scandal.. the iconic one.. children should not be treated that way.. the person getting harassed after the fact.” — In the past when they referred to an Iconic figure they were saying someone who was looked up too, in that prediction it was a priest, but could be a leader or celebrity.

The Facts reported on 4-29: PARIS (AP) – “French prosecutors are investigating accusations that French soldiers in Central African Republic sexually abused children they were sent to protect.

The French probe follows an initial U.N. investigation into the allegations a year ago – both of which were kept secret until a report in The Guardian newspaper Wednesday forced officials to publicly acknowledge them.

A U.N. worker leaked information about the U.N. investigation to French authorities last year, the U.N. Secretary-General’s office said in a statement. That worker, identified by the Swedish government as Swede Anders Kompass has been suspended and is now under internal investigation.

The allegations of sexual abuse, and the treatment of the suspended U.N. worker, cast a new shadow on the world body, which has faced accusations of abuses by its peacekeeping forces in the past. They emerged just before U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon met French President Francois Hollande in Paris on Wednesday.” Quoted News:

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  1. pat fletchet Avatar
    pat fletchet

    Eric, there seems to be so much depravity against children that is coming out in the news. It upsets me that in England there are reports of widespread abuse, but our government are deeply involved and they appear to be immune to prosecution for these alleged crimes. So many people in power are covering up the truth. Will you ask spirit if these abusers will ever be brought to justice? They have ruined so many innocent lives with their depravity.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes they have mentioned how this century seriously lacks concern over their children. They are as appalled over it as much as you are.

  2. pat fletchet Avatar
    pat fletchet

    Thank you Eric, the information you have been getting from spirit of late has been so accurate, your work is receiving attention from many people, and rightly so, thank you for what you do, look after your health, it is important.

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