Notes on 4-11-15


I had a visual of a box unfolding. Usually that means within a weeks time a prediction is about to happen, however Spirit implied this event would happen in a matter of days.

The van bomb?: I had a vision of the van in the snow, as if to imply this would happen in a cold place. I am still waiting for more details.

“In a classroom.. in US..  multiple people shot.. there is just no reason for this senseless act.” — Spirits Voice
They actually said ‘us’, I am assuming they meant U.S. otherwise it doesn’t make much sense.
Spirit implied we are out of time, as this prediction is about to happen.

Large earthquake?: I had a vision of the word earthquake, then there where crackers everywhere implying massive damage. “30” We are determined to figure out the location, something more clearer then just the word ‘Brita’.

“The secret service man gets sacked for misbehaving.. violations to the code.” I had a vision of the President with a scowl on his face.

I had a visual of vehicles with two different places to add fuel. “A new technology is coming.. universal.. simple.. cheap.. that allows a vehicle to run.. half and half.. a major step forward in the right direction.”

“They will find mini galaxies.. they will think they are baby galaxies.. but there not.. they are just smaller versions of galaxies. Oh humanity you have no idea how more massive space actually is.”

Recently this un important, more humorous,  prediction happened. It did not happen at the Super Bowl as predicted but I thought I would share it with you.

Notes on 2-1-15   Is there a threat to superbowl?   “Not that we see.. run out.. hot dogs.”

Patrons had complained about Wrigley running out of hot dogs during opening day, Wrigley responded by saying
“As for rumors of running out of hot dogs and buns during the opener, Rice said “it’s totally unsubstantiated that we ran out of food for opening night.” Quoted by


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  1. Thought before the earthquake prediction had numbers 104 associated with it. If number 30, latitude? Straight through southernmost CA and acrossthe USAand through FL. Longitude of 30 makes no sense with regard to word “Brita”; not as “Britain” or the home of water pitcher which is Hesse, Germany.

    • I, too, looked up Brita and found Germany. That seems a plausible place for the van bomb actually, as does Russia, Canada, upper NY, MI, WA states. As for the earthquake, Socal is always a good location and way overdue. Problems there include the fact that Socal is already on a dangerous fault, and that there is a hydro-electric plant in SD which essentially causes the same issues as fracking does in OK. It’s forcing water back down into the ground, which is a seismic NO-NO!!! It significantly destabilizes the ground and leads to earthquakes–scientifically verifiable fact. So look out folks, it’s coming. I also fear for Vancouver BC (got some weather witch friends up there who are feeling very apprehensive) and of course OK/KA. OK is now the country’s most seismically active place in the USA. Pray for the people.

  2. In reference to the large earthquake “Brita” could mean British Columbia, Canada. I think you mention this a while back for a major earthquake and tsunami in this area.

  3. Also, British Columbia Highway 30
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Highway 30, also known as Port Alice Road, is a 30 km (19 mi) long northeast-to-southwest scenic route in the Regional District of Mount Waddington on Vancouver Island, connecting Port Alice with a location on Highway 19 known as Keogh, between Port Hardy and Port McNeill.

  4. Also from the Canadian Government;
    From northern Vancouver Island, to the Queen CharlotteIslands, the oceanic Pacific plate is sliding to the northwest at about 6 cm/year relative to North America. The boundary between these two giant plates is the Queen Charlotte fault – Canada’s equivalent of the San Andreas fault. Canada’s largest historical earthquake- a magnitude 8.1, occurred along this fault on August 22, 1949. This earthquake, larger than the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, caused nearly a 500-km-long segment of the Queen Charlotte fault to break.

  5. Perry, thank you for your Link, look by 29-3-15 New Britain reg. Papua New Guinea, 7.5 scale, there is a lot going on in that regio, maybe we expect now the big one.

  6. Stanley Park, Vancouver? There is an outdoor theater called Theater Under the Stars (TUTS). You can rent Malkin bowl for events like weddings due to recent renovation allowing year round access. Is this where a boy will be a hero in a theater? The prediction “wed” maybe wedding? Btw….the logo has a bird sitting on it;) That area is home of some type of blue herons. Oh, also….it has long walkways along the beach-a large seawall? Awakening the sleepy, ancient dinosaur spewing dust from his belly? An earthquake that will kick up dust then tsunami breaking through a walkway with people along it?

  7. It’s unfortunate about the school thing. I wish it could have been stopped. Maybe it will, somehow? Who knows. But it’s nice to see something good for the world could be coming. It’s refreshing.

  8. The school shooting makes sense to happen soon, alot of places have been on spring break so possibly something has happened to the shooter to have caused a break in sanity and this time off of school has allowed him time for planning of this horrible act to take place when school resumes. I think this will be in more of a high school setting rather than a college.

    • It’s April–anniversary of Columbine and a number of other school shootings–April/May are ripe for them. (Kent State–May 4, 1970, for instance.) May the Angels help us. I know they are exceptionally busy now and about to be more so soon.

  9. Reference to bomb and white van – Through Wednesday of this coming week there will be areas of snow in the Northwest down to Colorado.
    Reference to earthquake – If 30 represents longitude then that would be around Baja Mexico I think. LA is around 35. Brita could represent a cruise lines operating out of either area.

    • I think van is blue and white inside pertaining to the message. Hopefully does not happen but I had headline newspaper dream pertaining to the 13th. Thought it was Jan but as you no you can’t force predictions as it is in the hands of someone else who is planning it. Seems like this event is on and off for what ever reason. Easter today in Egyptian side and end of passover. I passed hotel name to higher authorities so hopefully all eyes are focused.

      • I just thought about this. Could the box unfolding have to do with a package and the blue and white colors have to do with the US Post Office. The logo is blue and white eagle I think mostly. I was watching the news about the gyro coptor landing in the Capital Building area no fly zone and saw the Post Office logo on it and was wondering why that was on there. (Found out later he was delivering letters). Anyway a white van just happened to pull up in the traffic and sit there for a minute. Of course I was only thinking “white van” at the time, but now wondering if it could be a bomb in a postal package being sent through the mail somehow/somewhere.

      • The colors of Finnish flag are blue and white. In the north of Finland snow covers the land. Russia is our neighbor country … do I have to tell more? I hope we are safe but you never know.. they are so unpredictable these days.

  10. Sham el- nasim is day after easter I’m reading on Egyptian coptic site. First day of spring. End of death to rebirth pertains to jesus. Egypt calender is based upon the stars and the moon.

  11. Lots of school-gun related incidents lately. University of Oregon has been searching for a man on campus who held a gun up to two girls last week. Luckily they were able to run away and he didn’t pursue them. But a bit unsettling that he hasn’t been found. Seems like multiple schools across the country have had some close calls.

    • Thanks for sharing the link of dolphins dying upon the ocean ashore. It seems the pattern such as whales and dolphins died upon the ashore then a few days or week then earthquakes struck. It made me wondering if there is a toxic released from the undersea volcanoe vents that could make them very sick or swam away from extremely boiling heat. If there is the heat boiling down below, they would died instantly. So it could be a toxic released thru the vents. I’ve noticed almost often when large fish died on ashore then the same or nearby area had an earthquake in a few days or a week. Also, if there is rare oar fish came upon the ashore then it’s up to a year when earthquakes struck in that area where it died. The oar fish lived the very bottom of the sea that something strikes like an electrical or maybe released toxic from the vents. It’s a theory but the scientists find it remained to be a mystery what caused their death. Just keep eyes on both Japan and San Francisco/west coastline. It could be very soon.

      • Agreed, definitely a pattern. Hundreds of whales washed up 3 weeks before the 2004 Indian ocean quake, then days before the NZ quake, and more a week before the 2011 Japan quake. Perhaps its a coincidence, but it seems like an awfully big coincidence. Japan had a 5.3 today but not destructive.

  12. I remember a movie called “30”. It was about newspapers. At the end of a written story, they would type “30” meaning it was the end of the piece.

    • Well toronto bluejay home opener is tomorrow against tampa bay rays. The jays vans or food trucks I’m guessing would be blue and white. Being from toronto I hope this does not happen. Security there saying is tight so hopefully everyone has eyes open in all locations.

  13. I wonder if the color of blue van represents FBI thing and white represents such as Fed Ex. Just brain storming.

  14. Hi Eric
    The prediction of 2 places for fuel in a car, I wonder if a new battery tech or electricity storage breakthrough is coming making plug in hybrids widespread.

  15. Wayne Community College in North Carolina is on lockdown now – news says 1 person shot and the shooter is at large. Eric, do you think this is the school shooting you predicted?

    • I wonder too, but it was a single shot and an isolated shooting directly targeting the teacher who was killed. Not multiple like the prediction. But I supposed that doesn’t mean that wasn’t the shooters original intent. I’m sure as the investigation continues they will find out if it was planned as more or just the one. But it sounds like the former student had target the teacher specifically for personal reasons.

  16. Maybe an old article but a conspiracy is conspiracy and so is stirring up hatred with innuendos and more. The mafia plays games, sets up scenes, many are false flags and hoaxes and what connections do you have with people from the East Coast as my Uncle lives in San Diego and word on the street that your a fake and your site may end up your imprisonment for he works in law enforcement and is highly involved in a mob crime on a targeted individual and that is all. I did NOT exclusively write this without his consent to see how YOU will react and behave! They are after the Long Island Medium and they are also after those who take payment and exclusively ask for cash as an under the table non-reported taxable income.

    Theresa Caputo Scandal Widens: Fellow Psychic Says If ‘Long Island Medium’ Is Using Prior Info For Readings That May Be ‘Bordering On Criminal’

    • Reply to Interesting. Your comment is nonsense and pointless. There is no room to judge others but harm your soul. Be careful how you say things. The negative words are slowly like a cancer that eat you up and you don’t feel good about yourself but mad and frustrated. . Start with saying positive things and you will feel alot big difference. Have a blessing day!

    • First I thought, what everybody here thought, not worth an answer, but then when Harvey gave comment, I thought he is right.

      Interesting, I find you not interesting at all, you use and hide behind your uncle, it looks like you have nothing to offer the world yourself, no job, whole day home, watching Internet and try to make others life as miserable as yours.

      Do what Harvey says, Start to talk positive and see your world start shining and maybe you get then a job too and people start listen too YOU again, because you say then positive and wise words

      I hate when for no reason people are attacked, too make yourself feel better, it is cheap and nasty.

  17. I’m puzzled that it seems in a pattern of college shooting in Springs? I wonder what was affected by? Strange especially Spring time more than holidays such as thanksgiving and Christmas.

    • Grades and social drama, even weather change can contribute. Especially around/near grading periods and breaks when social anxiety is at its worst. Lots of changes in the atmosphere around spring, especially with climate change. Eastern US has been far more dreary than normal, west coast hotter and dry w/drought. Both can cause emotional distress. Washington shooting caused by heartbreak and social drama not long after prom. Social media and cell phones are a huge culprit adding to stress of younger minds. Far fewer shooting when I was in high school. All we had was clunky flip phones (if we were lucky), MySpace, and AOL chat. Sex is happening much younger too, and drugs and alcohol are easier to acquire. Our young are under so much more social, academic, and political stress than I ever was and I’m only in my late 20s. Our world is changing quickly and we are not preparing our children enough to adapt with the change in a mental and emotional level.

    • Jobs are harder to find, elderly are more dependant on their children for support as their benefits are cut, putting more pressure on family to do better and make more. Collage is harder to afford and far more competitive especially when I comes to finding a job afterwards, leaving the younger generations in a panic. Economics play a huge roll as well. Spring might just be the trigger because thats when a lot of terms end. Someone’s bad grades or school struggles could mean family are put into bad positions, leaving the student feeling responsible and angry.

  18. Thanks for sharing your theory. I thought the same but could a student or employee shrift their thoughts of hurting others instead of themselves? It’s amazing how they are willing to kill others instead of themselves from their anger or revenge. They could seek for a professional help. I’d understand it costs money to pay for counselor and so forth. Secondly, the population worldwide is estimate 7 billion, the more actions and it happened. The programs both at college and work should be designed to prevent hurting and killing others as well as themselves. Just a thought.

    • My father was beaten repeatedly by his father to near death because his father didnt think he was his. His knuckles were nearly fused together by a hot iron because his brother set a barn on fire and his mother took it out on him. He slept in a room full of black widows and ended up in the hospital multiple times. His family was hateful, vengeful, and abusive. He ran away at 14 and lived on an Indian reservation with the natives for many years. Those were his true family. He was the kindest, wisest father I could ever ask for. He never wanted us to feel the pain he did. People can take their problems and become violent and cruel and depressed, or they can overcome their challenges and learn from the evils and hate and become stronger. Most choose a darker path because its the easiest. It’s easier to blame the world and others, and to use fear and violence to get what they want rather than the harder route- being kind and loving and strong, fighting against the challenges of life with self growth and faith in oneself and others. My father would tell us that he remembers before he was born that he “didnt want to come back” to this world but was told “someone needed him”. He was born into the most evil vile family, and came out a beacon of love and kindness and wisdom. He knew when he would die too. Because of him, so many in his life learned that despite how dark life got, despite the challenges, the hate and pain, someone could still be a good person. And thats a message that people need to hear. To hold on, dont let it consume you, be strong, and know that love and goodness always triumphs. He lived a hard life, battled a painful terminal illness, but always held to his faith, never raised a hand, and was always willing to help strangers anyway he could. This world feels so doomed at times, but I think of him and remember that somewhere there is light and hope. This blog in many ways reminds me of him, simply because it brings people together in the sense that we can do good and spread light in a world full of evil, and maybe someday help others see that too, and eventually people will feel encouraged to be stronger and find their inner light and let it shine.

      Ok sorry for all the long posts. I think the codeine syrup is making me extra emotional today 🙂 Hopefully I’ll get over this virus soon!

      • Oh my. Thanks, Lehayla for sharing the powerful testimony. Indeed, there are so many evils in this world. The only winner is the light and love that overcomes the evils. So sorry for him had to endured all that. He wasn’t alone in this. It’s amazing that he determined not to be hatred to others cuz of what had happened to him. Very rare and unusual. The only way is to give love as what he recieved from a stranger. Any stranger can be their instant family member. It’s the power of love that Jesus came and died for us, so we can be like Him, It doesn’t matter what religious we are, what matter is the power of love and hope that set us free from the darkness. Remember we all are the “lights” even as we choose to use it or not to use it. Lights and Love overcomes the darkness which is why the evils hate the lights. Again, thanks for sharing your story. It touched my deeply. May the light and peace be with you.

      • Hi Lehayla. Thanks for sharing your story. Your father sounds like he was a definite blessing to so many people and such a loving soul. The world needs more people such as him. I found your words to be very inspirational. I hope you get feeling better soon. Blessings To You.

      • Spirit told me once with a question about what others would call the end and they said “Their will always be someone to stand in the way of the darkness, especially when its all become dark” Sounds like your father was one of them.

  19. Lehayla,i have never commented here before…this brought tears to my eyes..what a sad/beautiful story((hugs)))

  20. Lehayla, I suggest you write a book. It’s very inspiring and encouraging for those to have a hope and experience love they never encountered and carried the lights within them.

    • Manny, can you explain the 30th parallel? Just got the feeling it could either be on the 30th of April or related with highway 30 in NW of US. Right now, earthquakes are all over in North, West, South and East. Spirits predicted that it’d be northern like between Canada and US west coastline. Got the feelings it could be leading to NW of US and possible Canada like Vancouver. Honestly don’t know. Let hope it’s foil.

  21. Lehayla, that is an amazing story! I agree it is so inspiring and encouraging for ALL. Thanks for sharing!

  22. Lehayla, your father made right choices for himself that required bravery; he ran away from a toxic family even if it made him homeless. Then, by his own wits or by God’s grace (or both) he found the Indian natives who took on a healthy parental/ familial role. This story does sound like a book/ movie. I like what Harvey had to say above in response tour story. Your dad sounds like a great man 🙂

  23. Ah geeze, thank you all for your responses! He truly was a remarkable human being and a rare soul. I miss him every day, especially after my daughter came into my life. As for a book, the thought has crossed my mind! But I would never want to profit from his hardships, and he was one who rarely discussed them. My mother told us most of everything. But I can share bits of his story and set an example as he did by being strong and kind. That I think is the best way in honoring his memory 🙂

    But I agree! His story, and my mothers are almost unreal. They literally lived in the middle of nowhere until I came into the picture. I’d like to say the hardship with his family ended after he ran away but it wasn’t until my mother was pregnant with me that they finally escaped that hell. But all that is far too long of a story, and here is not the place. If I ever get a computer, maybe I’ll write it all down, even if it’s just to pass on to my daughter. Or if I felt it was appropriate and my sister and mother were comfortable with it, I’d share it in a blog. But id never want to make money off it.

    • You’re so sweet. You have a golden heart that is not wanting anything but honor, respect and love especially your parents that is rare possess. We all admired that in you. I think it would make a great film one day. Hope it’s okay if I ask. I’m curious was your father Indian? And your mom? It’d be a fascinating story to share. You can think of the money to a charity as you wish. Money comes to blessings for those who need it to make a living as comfortable as possible. Now day, everything is going up from food to housing. :/ it’s crazy now days. I’m sure your father would want you to have that. He will be touched deeply when you honored in his name. He can see you from the other side smiling and so proud of you! He loves you very, very much. I wish i have someone like him in my family. I have good people but not that of what he endured all that. I do know that they strive to make a better living by moving to America about 200 years ago. But I don’t recall any abusive or maybe they kept it silenced. It’s nice knowing you thru Eric’s prediction! 🙂 Shalom to you.

      • Both my father’s great grandmothers were full Native American. Though my mother and him have a much stronger scottish/Irish genealogy. My mothers side were scotch/irish/polish and came to north America as loggers/settlers through Canada and down to America in the PNW. Not sure about my fathers side other than living mostly in remote area of Idaho, Washington, and southern Oregon. He was always much closer to his native bloodline though. I used to hear native drums at night as a child. It would keep me up for hours. I’d peer through my window over the orchards wondering where the drums and chanting was coming from. It kind of freaked my mother out because no one else heard them, except my father who, before I was born, would tell her how he heard them every night. To this day I often wonder what it meant. My sister and I also inherited his vivid dreams. Since as long as we can remember our dreams have been incredibly real. We’re both very strong lucid dreamers now. Can smell, feel, hear, taste, and control them. Some think its a blessing but honestly it makes for a very restless sleep, especially since many are post apocalyptic, granted, this in many ways has desensitized myself to situations that are otherwise terrifying. My mothers side tend to be very prone to premonitions. Both my mother and grandmother have avoided accidents and tragedy from sensing when something is about to happen. I dont think my sister nor I posses that gift as far as I’m aware. Though honestly, neither of us have really tried to. I think on many ways, that is why I was so drawn to Eric’s predictions.

        Funny you should mention a movie. My brother in law is a screen writer! Someday maybe I’ll toss the idea his way 🙂 if a profit ever came from his story, I’d definitely use it to improve lives for children who are in abusive families and foster care.

      • And in return, its been a pleasure to connect to everyone here, even though I dont always post or get as involved. I often just read unless I have something I feel is truly useful to contribute. I’m not normally one to put myself out there on the internet. Even these last few posts are more personal than I’m normally comfortable with lol like I said, must be the codeine syrup! 😉 or you all make me feel comfortable enough to expose a more sensitive side. Which is refreshing!

  24. 🙂 Excellent! Especially love to hear the drums and chanting. Sounds like you have spirits looking after you and your family. Someday, someone will share the meaning of drums/chanting with you to understand better with your gifts.

    Hope Eric will forgive me to use as a little personal via her post. I don’t normally do that as well. It just happened. I promise I won’t make it a habit. 😉 However, I’m excited for you. Go for it! May all the blessings flow upon to you and your family. Amen! 🙂

    • Hello Lehayla, hope all is well with you! Just wanted to let you know that I was thinking of your inspiration story. Your father is a great symbol by overcoming darkness. I admired his inner strength and wisdom. He was very brave man. Take care! 🙂

      • All is well thank you! Feeling better, family BBQ is over, and my toddler is no longer covered in the bag balm she found under her crib. So peace in the house has been restored. Lots of earthquakes in the Taiwan/Japan area. Made me think of the dolphin/whales that washed up a little over a week ago. I hope the quakes dont escalate! 3 aftershocks larger than 5.5 in 40 minutes. Sending prayers their way, lots of unrest for them tonight.

      • Hi Lahayla! Glad all is well with you and your family. There is another pattern again. The dolphins dying on Japan’s ashore, then about a week later, Taiwan’s multiple earthquakes above righter 6 which is nearby Japan area. Is that something?! I suspected something underground that slowly killed the large fish where they habitat. It HAS to be something before the earthquakes triggered. It’s all in the patterns.

  25. I just woke up from a dream. It could have personal meaning, but I don’t think so. I dreamt I was with my husband on the beach. There were huge cliffs behind us that led down to this beach. A massive white wave was headed for us – it was like a tsunami, but taller in size. There were others on the beach. It felt like California though I’ve not been there. Hope there will not be a massive earthquake/ tsunami on the West Coast of the USA.

    • Hi Lia. I hope it doesn’t happen either. What made you feel like it was CA I was wondering? Like, just came to you sort of, if you know what I mean. Were the cliffs more rocky or sandy type? I feel like the earth is becoming so unstable right now from all of the fracking and drilling that’s happening. I can only imagine what scientist, leaders and people are going to say years from now about what we have done to the planet. I wish big business and politicians would think more about others and the planets welfare and less about their profits and careers. Blessings to You.

      • It seemed to be a combination of sand and rocks. The sand was on the bottom of the cliff where we were laying on the beach, while the mid to upper section of the cliff had some rocks. I hope it was just a weird dream.

  26. I just did some searches to see if the beaches in California looked like any of those in California – found them – Sunset Cliffs and Torrey Pines in San Diego, CA. Looked exactly like these, esp. Sunset Cliffs Beach. Also, I forgot to mention that in this dream, I was handing my Apple laptop to my husband after I saw the huge wave coming at us. I wouldn’t ever do this! LOL! I looked up Apple Computer and their central Headquarters is in Cupperton (sp?) California. Hope your earthquake prediction isn’t about to happen off the coast of California.

    • Lia that’s funny about your Apple laptop, though not about a possible tsunami happening. Hopefully Eric will get some more info soon on the earthquake happening so as to warn people. Perhaps your dream will help narrow it down somewhat.

      • Hi Jules, yes I found that laptop thing peculiar. Dreams are bizarre… If a wall of water is coming at me, I’m not gonna be worried about my Apple laptop. I wouldn’t have it at a beach in the first place, so maybe there is a clue in there in a symbolic way.

      • Yes dreams are strange (I have sleep issues so hardly ever remember my dreams if I do dream, though if I have one it does seem relevant and real). I think you are right about that computer part being a clue. Let’s hope that if there is a tsunami people will get a warning beforehand. I wonder what the number 30 means that the Spirits keep bringing up to Eric. Maybe a date or road or something?

  27. Hi Eric. I hope all is going well there for you and yours and that you are recovering from all of the dental surgeries you’ve been dealing with lately. Just wondering, do you get a lot of these negative type of messages such as interestings above directed at you? I hope not. I would guess that they have never done a reading with you before, or been following your blog for very long or very closely. Otherwise they wouldn’t be directing so much negativity towards you. I will be praying for you to be surrounded by light and those wonderful Spirits of yours and praying for interesting also. Oh and I would add that the “word on the street” also says that climate change is a hoax. Hmmm go figure. Blessings Eric

    • Negative? If your asking about the negative messages about the world, we seek out the worst, so that we can warn everyone. As for people worried about getting a reading, that’s understandable, especially if they read this blog and have never met me. It does come off as negative. But its apple and oranges. The only connection between personal readings and these predictions are they are done by the same spirits.

      • No I meant the comment left here today under this post by “interesting”. It was somewhat negative and directed personally towards you.

      • I see. No I really don’t bother. It is very threatening, I don’t know what the person is talking about, my reputation is fairly sound. I answer to Spirit and only Spirit. As long as they are happy, I am, we do this to help humanity, if others can’t see that, that is there problem. But Spirit has no plans to respond to messages like this. Its always been about Spirit and having the honor, the privilege of working for them, who can say they have a boss like I do.

      • I didn’t quite understand it either and didn’t care to respond directly to such insults and threats. I am proud to be a member of this site and am sure that the approach you take towards such negativity is one of the reasons why so many people follow and respect you so much. Thanks for all you do Eric and the wonderful loving Soul which you are.

    • I saw that message from “interesting” too and felt like telling him off but decided that ignoring him would be best. I read it through a few times and it truly doesn’t even make sense. I really get very offended when people try to attack Eric.

      • Hi Kellyrosepalmer. I know right? I don’t get why people don’t just go to another site if they don’t agree with what is said or done here on this one. I think Eric is very wise in how he reacts or doesn’t react I should say. Blessings and Light to All on this site…including “interesting”.

  28. Could “Brita” refer to Britain? I don’t think the U.K. normally gets earthquakes, but there’s always a first time I suppose.

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  30. Eric, did you see a big discovery for cancer patients in the past ?
    Cuba, has a medicine for lung cancer and other cancers, it must be very good, England and Canada using it all and Amerika want this too, Cuba, has this medicine patented

  31. Eric, (Statue of Liberty)
    Liberty Island being evacuated due to suspicious around package..
    Still following….

      • Jules104, all clear.. Whew…with that report of missing explosives – I am nervous..

      • Jules104, had a lot of rockin and Rollin here
        ..- unusual earthquakes for N Idaho..
        4.2, 4,1 3.3 2.8. .. (Being x CA no big thing. –For me ). However I knew area was heating up..
        Sure enough..6.1 near Charlotte islands..
        Everyone is talking about them ( shallow depths). I think this area PNW
        Is on another phase… After all Earth Day..grin.
        Have a great weekend back..

      • Yes, clearly they had an idea this was coming with their message. Perhaps that’s why they could not narrow down the locations because there are so many.

      • I think you’re right about the location Eric. Maybe the “crackers everywhere”, literally meant everywhere like what’s happening. Also, I love your ideas on doing a documentary about Spirits/Yourself. That would be so great! I wish I could help in the video/sound dept for the other, but alas just a dinosaur mostly when it comes to tech stuff. Looking forward to whatever you add though. Have a great weekend.

      • Thanks, the crackers are a way to show the massive destruction symbolically so they do not have to show the real time destruction that might burn me emotionally.

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  33. Eric, earthquake in Michigan 4.2.
    Paul Caruso, a geophysicist with the United States Geological Survey, said an earthquake with a magnitude of 4.2 and a depth of focus of 5.9 km was measured around 12:23 p.m. about nine miles southeast of Kalamazoo, near Galesburg.
    Dozens of residents in several different regions beyond Kalamazoo — from Mount Pleasant and Sterling Heights to Lansing and even as far as Cleveland, Ohio — called the WWJ Newsroom and reported feeling a rumble and the ground shake for between five and 10 seconds.
    “Earthquakes of this magnitude are very rare in Michigan,” Caruso told WWJ’s Russ McNamara. “We’ve had reports from Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio of people feeling this earthquake.”


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    • This reminds me of the prediction where Eric saw the explosives ordnance robot with a person walking past it and the police…or something like that. I can’t find it. But heard them say they still aren’t sure if anyone else is involved.

      • Jules104, I was not sure of which thread..this one mentions snow..
        I was keying on the Van…he would not be considered a spider?
        However the police called him a terrorist.. I am not sure where it fits..

      • I was actually thinking of the post from 1-15-15…Lone Wolf walking past the explosive ordnance robot, terror, terror. this is all so horribly wrong….(something like that). So I think I’m wrong Star48. But, I am sure glad that everyone( of the light) including the Police are safe and well.

      • Jules 104,
        I agree especially when they found..

        Investigators found a package of pipe bombs in the parking lot at police headquarters and at least two more pipe bombs in the van, police said.

        And the Van was on fire,,ugh…

      • Oh funny. I hadn’t even thought about the clock striking 12 part. Well good not a second incident then.

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