Notes on 4-5-15

“We are very sorry for the horror that we present. ” — Spirits Voice

“In a classroom.. in US..  multiple people shot.. there is just no reason for this senseless act.” — Spirits Voice
They actually said ‘us’, I am assuming they meant U.S. otherwise it doesn’t make much sense.

I had a visual of Spirit holding out his hand and having several bullet shells in his hand, as if to imply the amount of people who would be shot.

I had a visual of a dark figure in a very dark background oddly dancing to a beat

“War is coming.. ”
We need to get the details on this war, but they mentioned ‘de throne’ perhaps a coup d’état.

Then it switched: I had a visual I was standing behind the back of a van. Someone opened the vans back door and there was a bomb. In the visual the van was white but as the doors closed it changed colors to blue.

“Our failure is about to happen.”

E A R T H Q U A K E spelled out in a visual

Not good news, these predictions are incomplete, but as I started to go to bed so that I can tackle it the next day, I was told to “put it out”. I can only assume that implies one of these events is about to happen. I am going to try to pin point better locations. But I also need to focus on the earthquake and ‘war’ warning. I will make every effort to present whatever they add, however vague or trivial it might be.

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  1. Eric, I don’t think I can take another school shooting. This is horrible. I hope that we can thwart this prediction! Too many children are losing their lives.

  2. HAPPY EASTER! Special blessings to all who contribute to this blog. Hope everyone has a wonderful day. Very unfortunate so much violence worldwide. As for the classroom shooting vision-The first thing off the top of my head was the word “Texas” …college campus perhaps? The earthquake vision – Puget Sound is what I see…but maybe a tsunami results in puget sound damage from an offshore earthquake…Vancouver..BC?? Seems southern California is the most logical location given recent seismic activity. Salton sea area? (Dutchsinse) The van vision- the blue refers to the color emitted after the bomb detonates? Or type of bomb? Man! Don’t people have better things to do with their lives than bomb or slaughter people? Prayers out to all those in the thick of these terrorist acts.

  3. A blessed Easter to all!
    Eric, did the “Our failure is about to happen” seem to be related to the bomb or earthquake? First Impression.
    The classroom shooting and the figure dancing to a beat. Sounds like some young demented whacko. Without details to pinpoint the actual location there may not be much we can do about this one. Does not sound like terrorist activity but rather a spur of the moment action.

    “War is coming” may imply the middle east. May be related to Yemen and Syria rather than the Israel situation. Countries in that part of the world need to pull together to solve the rising problems but it would also take a lot of backing from western nations working in support of the operations.

  4. Eric
    I am thinking of two things:
    de throne = dethrone to take away the power and authority of (a king or queen) : to remove (a king or queen) from power

    I am also concerned about the Pope. There has been numerous predictions about this Pope being the last one.

  5. Eric on April 3, 2014 Spirits said the next war would be between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Do you think that could be it? Also they Spoke of Syria and Turkey. Could the de throning be Bashar Alassad, and that is what leads to war? It seems like the whole Middle East is about to implode sometimes.

      1. Okay thanks Eric. Also they just had on the news this am that Saudi Arabia is asking Pakistan to support them with military equipment, (I think it was ships??) and so now,more or less, they will be joing the fight in Yemen. Thought that was interesting.

  6. Eric can you tell me if when Spirit says “Right now”, versus “Now”, are these different time periods? I’m just wondering if it could be they meant in a month from 3-18-2015. In a comment section you had told someone that “Now” meant in a months time when they were asking about the Earthquake for the Northwest area.

    1. Now is a way to describe next. Imagine these events are people waiting in line, “Now” is the one next in line. There is no real timeframe, just whats next.

  7. Jules104…..Perhaps Pakistan – India over Kashmir?….Zero Line”….640,000 troops deployed. We do not hear much about this area, but active fighting before and both have access to nukes.
    Mulisine….. Pope makes sense to both in light of “throne” comment, “imminent last Pope predictions”, and vocalized threats to conquer Rome…..Assad also though.
    Dark figure dancing an odd dance is a puzzle. Eric, must be more to this? Any relation to previous prediction about a dark figure dying?
    Earthquake….still feeling Northeast….but could be Northeast CA. Still wonder if numerical values in that original prediction was Richter Scale number…if so…massive quake.

  8. The post about the earthquake and the piece of land that sticks out where the duck sits (a cartoonish duck/bird), was under the “Predictions in Question”, of being unsure which ones had happened. Do we know if that ever happened? I was researching Vancouver Island and it is well known for being a tourist bird watching area. They have two types of albatross birds there amongst many others. The albatross does look rather like I cartoonish bird and is the funny bird from the movie “The Rescuers Down Under”. Just a thought for the earthquake location.
    Also do we know which prediction the failure is about? The bombing maybe? My first thoughts on the van colors switching was that it’s a stolen vehicle which was a white van but painted blue now.

  9. Forgot to add this sorry. The dark figure dancing to a beat. Could it be pertaining to the Jihadi John ISIS leader who was known as a musician/rapper in England? And perhaps the one who is killed?

  10. Regarding the earthquake prediction and the number in original prediction…think the number was 104. Could this be longitude? If so, in western world, this runs east of Hudson Bay down through eastern seaboard area of USA. In eastern world, approximately through center of Russia and down through rest of area.

  11. Jules104, think if the number in original prediction was longitude, there is a major fault line on east coast that runs close to that line and is overdue for earthquake. However, interesting you mentioned the albatross. This is considered an unlucky bird…especially in seafaring world. Also where the expression comes from “Albatross weighing you down”.

    1. Like maybe “US” could be college letters like “U of S” there are several colleges with these.

      1. I thought the same thing, which could also relate to universities worldwide – not just the USA.

  12. Dear Eric, thank you for you blog. My daughter (Irish traveller ancestry) used to have the gift of psychometry; ie she could tell a lot from people’s personal possessions. It troubled her and she doesn’t do it now; I think she deliberately suppressed it.Anyway. I couldn’t sleep the other night; noise from upstairs; and I suddenly had a vision of the room – my bedroom – with broken windows and full of thin, cold, grey people. It filled me with dread and yet I knew that it happened after my own death. It made such an impression on me that I thought that I would ask your opinion, thanks.

  13. Jules and Ann: could the dethroning possibly be the king and queen of Jordan? They are in a precarious position, too. However, Assad has been on the verge of losing for quite some time. Syria is too much out of control now and the other countries around it are becoming destabilized again, as a result. Hopefully, Jules, I’d like to keep your question in mind about Jihadi John. He is being hunted down and they will eventually get him.

    1. Hi Swampy11. I hope they can catch the leader of Al Shabab, and the leader of ISIS and Jihadi John real soon. I wish people would stop killing and hurting each other. The world has gone crazy it seems at times.

  14. Yes, Jules. I agree. We need to put out our positive energy through thoughts and prayers even more.

  15. Eric, you said “people” in being shot in a classroom. Does that mean “adults in college”, not children? Will you please ask the Spirits where in US? How soon? My heart goes out to them and pray they be safe. I have a daughter will go to college in 2016. There is no need to be killing innocent people, especially children. It’s too much going on around the world killing lives. Something is wrong here on this planet that affected them into killing. It’s terrifying and sad. I think we are entering the dark times for how long as I don’t know.

    1. Unfortunately they are limiting my view of this prediction because its dark, I am hoping to get some more details, they have mentioned that its coming in days.

    1. Oh’s crazy. I hate the idea if it’s permanent thing with no power. Everything will be silent and food goes bad in a refrigerator. No communication.

  16. Harvey,
    I have been monitoring the fires, explosions and disruptions in UK, Germany, and CA ,US
    Power stations In the past year and a half.. Not including Above mentioned posting..(Netherlands, Turkey, now DC)
    The odds of being normal exceeds credibility .

    1. Hi Star48/Harvey. No that doesn’t sound normal at all. Could any of it be related to solar flares? I know the power here went off and on all night long about two months ago. It was really weird. I live right near the Denver Federal Center/FEMA Headquarters here in Lakewood, Colorado. Its weird they have these underground bunker type things with pipes and vents etc sticking out of them. I guess so they can function underground if need be? I just remember thinking…are they testing the system for possible attacks or trying to stop someone who’s sabotaging the grid or what?

      1. Hi Stars and Jules, I’ve noticed the lights were acting strange lately like within a month span but I tried not paying attention to it. It got my attentions when it comes and goes. I thought it might be a storm coming up, solar flares or something. Yea…it made me wondering where that came from or what caused it. It’s occurred in Dallas, TX. Just keep your eyes opened for lights flickering. I’m just document it.

      2. Great site to monitor solar flares and stuff is But lately the solar activity has been pretty low, not enough for power outages or glitches.

  17. Was there a post a few months ago, maybe December, that mentioned kids and an area in Illinois or Indiana maybe? Or a reference that we thought might be outside of Chicago someplace. Does anyone remember a post like that?

  18. Eric- Remember you posted on 2-1-2015 about running out of hot dogs? Cards-Cubs opening ballgame at Wrigley field ran out of hot dog buns opening season game. Easter game I think. Thought that was kinda humorous you saw that (not for you fans who had to wait up to an hour to use the potty!). So did anyone figure out who ran out of hot dogs 2 months ago? Sorry, I know this is unrelated to this post but we are referencing April if I recall in that post.

  19. As to the ‘war is coming’ prediction. Possibly Ukrainian war escalates. The explosive device could be in a white colored van. The van turning to blue could indicated the ‘power’ behind the explosive device. That ‘power’ being the current government the took power from the Russian backed party.

  20. Eric
    There was an earthquake off the coast of California this morning…is that the one Spirit is talking about? It was a 4.8.

  21. Just woke up this morning with a dream wasn’t a dream more a vision, with a news flash on TV in red Earthquake 8. Something. That’s usually when I now it’s more real.

    1. I have a feeling that this Nepal earthquake was the vision I got back on the 12 April!. I saw the 8. Quake televised. Didn’t know whereor when nearly 2 weeks later .

  22. A 6.1 earthquake has just occurred in Bella Bella, in Haida Gwai (formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands)
    northern British Columbia. This is a small village. No injuries reported yet and no tsunami warning.

    1. Hi Julia. That’s Interesting. I was just looking at that area the other day and noticed the,” “Hecate Strait”, being right there. I was wondering if that had to do with Eric’s post on 2/15/15, a visual of a demon jumping up out of the ground, and he was questioning if it had to do with an earthquake or an attack. It was about the number 6 visualized on a piece of paper, a clock with both hands being placed on it where the number 4 would usually be. I wonder if that means there will be another earthquake. I think that the reason I was even looking in that area is because there had been an earthquake around there and then I noticed the straits name “Hecate”. I wonder if Eric could ask Spirit about it just in case.

  23. Our news is now saying that the quake was 186km WSW of Bella Bella. This is an earthquake prone area. It is near Hecate Strait. No reported damage yet and no casualties. As a Vancouverite, I hope this is the predicted quake!

    1. Oh right 6-0-4. Well I hope it is the quake that was meant to happen also, and there will be NO tsunami. Blessings Julia

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