Notes on 3-28-15

“Tourist attack.. mob like..  in about 1 month.” (perhaps sometime around 26th-28th of April.) — Spirits Voice
They implied China, then Hong Kong, in the end they said Asia.

What’s coming next Spirit?
“Axes, Axes, knives, horrible.” — Spirits Voice
This could be related to:   Notes on 3-24-15   I asked again about Spain/Portugal.
I had a vision of several people racing in different directions terrified. You could see police and ambulance lights in the back.   There was a feeling of knives, cutting, blood.

Spirit presented 111 in big bold print.
Right now, my running theory is that these three numbers are three different predictions that are probably about the same subject. The numbers represent a countdown, meaning we should expect multiple predictions happening around the same time. ‘One’ would imply that these predictions happen in a day or two.


19 thoughts on “Notes on 3-28-15

  1. what a terrible prediction Eric, it must have been hard for you to listen to, Asia is such a vast area and could relate to so many countries. Help will be needed to solve this one.

      • Eric, I may be wrong but for the last 3 days I keep getting Malaysia, they have a Regatta on dates 24th-26th April. I may be totally wrong but felt I had to post this.

      • Hi Pat, I haven’t picked up anything, however a new prediction is rolling out today about bloody protest. Also we are expecting 3 existing predictions to happen soon, so perhaps, we will see.

  2. Made it sounds like the horror movies as “Jason” and “Halloween”. It’s dreadful. Wondering if it’s someone that works in a meat factory. Not enough clue.

  3. Was there a feeling that the number “111” is connected to the Spain/Portugal event? If so, it could mean several “lone wolfs” on one “lone wolf” attacking people in a public area. ISIS has been calling for converts to wreak havoc where they live as it’s become more difficult for these people to travel to Syria with the intent on joining ISIS. Still, without some details on actual location it makes it very difficult to interpret the event(s).

    • Unfortunately I don’t believe they are that specific. I believe the numbers are meant as a tool to verify that a prediction is about to happen. In this case I guess its a big deal, as they showed these very large bold numbers.

  4. Could these triple digit numbers be some kind of reference for you like for instance 111 being possibly notes the you took in January of 2011 something there that was sent to you that didnt happen but may have more info that could be of use now that the time is near?

  5. Sometimes Eric “translates” for Spirit. stating months could be the translation. Harvey look at Eric’s glossary. It will explain what Also is talking about.

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