Plane Crashes in France

This tragic prediction has happened. It looks unrelated to Notes on 3-5-15

Notes on 3-8-15  France, I had visual of an airplane taking off, there was an overwhelming feeling of fear both on the plane and at the airport. There was a feeling of someone’s demands to ‘keep going’.

35 thoughts on “Plane Crashes in France

  1. Eric, you did it again. Did you have a sense that this is the result of terrorism, or, did you see this crash as being a situation where someone from the airport was telling the pilots to keep going? Or, is there another interpretation? You even got the country – so sad for all involved. Praying for them. Hard times.

      1. Hi Eric, now the reports are that the plane was purposely taken down. This is why I asked the qu of you – I sensed this fact from the beginning. Your initial prediction sounded ominous. After the crash, “Keep going” to me meant that one or both pilots were feeling pressured to commit the crime by another individual. The question is, was that person off-plane or on the flight? Could you ask spirt?

    1. Hi Again, Eric. The reason I thought that this was a terrorist act was because I had had a bizarre, vivid dream a week ago. The dream was that a plane crashed into a bog of trees right nearby my house. It hit the neighbor’s house; the surname of the homeowners was Andreas. Then, the dream got weird. I dreamt there were tons of emergency vehicles, etc. arriving at the scene. Then, in this dream, I went into the door of the crashed plane and the artist, Vincent Van Gogh, was sitting there talking with the EMT’s and others. In the dream, I was so shocked. I saw that he was painting an owl, but it was only half finished. I asked him for an autograph, I was so excited to see him. I never got the autograph in the dream; there was too much activity. I told my husband about this dream and he laughed when I got to the VanGogh part – LOL! I think he was relieved bec I have many predictive dreams of disasters and when I told him about Van Gogh, it took on a bizarre tinge that wouldn’t make this a serious prediction. Anyway, I just learned in the news report that the co-pilot’s name was ‘Andreas.’ – the name of my neighbors. Weird. Also, the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh was thought to have killed himself due to mental illness. Maybe this co-pilot was not linked to a terrorist organization. Either way, it’s horrible. My dream was so bizarre, you can see why I did not post before. I don’t know why I get these dreams. It’s been this way since childhood. I pray for the families and loved ones… Just so Horriffic.

      1. That’s weird! I just remember vague that I too had a dream about the owl that sits on my friend’s shoulder. It must be a couple of days ago. The owl’s head was turning slowly around. My friend was teasing telling him to stop doing that. The owl was just being silly to make her laugh. It was one of those bizarre dreams I have. It’s so weird that you saw the owl also about a week ago. Not sure what it means though. It made me wondering if a lot of people dream about the owl at this time.

      2. Thanks for your comments, Harvey. It is bizarre that the owl was in one of your dreams, too. An owl usually refers to wisdom, but I think it can mean other things, too.

  2. Hi Eric,
    I listened to the radio news and some pilots who have been interviewed are puzzled as to why the plane stayed on course through the French Alps if it was in trouble. Therefore Spirit’s voice, “There was a feeling of someone’s demands to ‘keep going’ ” may fit in this occurrence.


  3. Oh my gosh….It’s terrible news. It has 144 passengers, included 2 babies, 6 crew, 67 Germans and 16 High school students. Our prayers are with them during these difficult time.

  4. This just took a turn for the worse and seems to be more in line with your description of the terror. If the new revelations of one of the pilots being out side of the cockpit and banging on the door the fear going through the plane would have been unbearable.

  5. One of the pilots was locked out of the cockpit. That would have caused a lot of fear in the plane.

    1. What if the pilot had an heart attack? My guess that the door is locked for security reason. Should not leave one pilot alone in charge for a few minutes if he/she has heart attack with the door locked. Just a thought. Hopefully, the investigators will find the answers soon. It’s sad for those lost, especially many young students. I feel for the families. I’ve 2 children. 😦

      1. CNN today is saying that there are three lock positions on the cockpit door: open, normal and closed. After the pilot left the cockpit, the co-pilot locked the door and then a button was pushed activating the descent. Sounds like criminal intent is clear. Eric’s “keep going” message might’ve been a terrorist communicating with the copilot to take the plane down? Horriffic.

    2. Lia- Or….the co-pilot saying to himself….(just) “keep going”, and yes sinister act. Everyone must of been terrified. A deliberate slam into French Alps, no communication with air traffic controllers. Co-pilot was breathing. Maybe he mumbled something under his breath. Wouldnt that be something if it was what Eric said? We would never know probably due to investigations.

      1. Oh, that could be. Just saw a photo of the co-pilot. He is sitting on a stone wall embankment overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Didn’t Eric has a visual of this bridge in a recent prediction? So sad.

      2. Though its not much, there is some relief in knowing their fear was only for a few seconds rather than the entire 8minutes. At least, as far as we know, the passengers were only heard screaming for the last few seconds before impact. Also some peace in knowing their deaths were quick and probably painless.

      3. Definitely. I also pray they are given support, strength and guidance until they find peace with their loss. Nothing can heal such deep loss without love and kindness. This isnt just their battle. We are all responsible. If this was caused by the co-pilots depression, then somewhere we failed him and all those people. This is just another reminder that a community, or even just family or a friend can save hundreds of lives by just caring a little more or taking an extra minute to show kindness and concern.

      1. It’s perfectly make sense to me. I have to agree with Eric’s prediction. I feel it in my guts. 😦

        Did you say something about Spain is next target? I wonder about your comment on 001 which means three different times within short period of time but that’s related for earthquakes, right? I need to go back and read it again.

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