Notes on 3-24-15

I asked again about Spain/Portugal.
I had a vision of several people racing in different directions terrified. You could see police and ambulance lights in the back.   There was a feeling of knives, cutting, blood.

Is this prediction an extension of Notes on 3-5-15 ?

The number: 200

I question whether these 3 numbers represent 3 different predictions, two of them will happen today or tomorrow (the zeros). The number 2 could represent an approaching event that was predicted, an event that will happen it about 2 days.

“The West will be attacked through espionage.. business, secrets, an attack on economics finances.. meant to cause a plunge..  but it will fail and Russia is to blame.” — Spirits Voice
I had a visual of a lady standing at a podium apologizing for the massive blunder.  She was very upset.

Spirit can explain these odd number riddles?
“There is a pattern in memory.” — Spirit responded

24 thoughts on “Notes on 3-24-15

    1. I actually have no idea!. LOL. But they are implying a pattern now, as if to say all of these 3 to 4 digit numbers are a part of a set. So when we read them we need to keep that in mind. Its not the one number but the group. I plan to gather all of them together and post them as a set maybe then we can figure it out.

  1. Awakened from sleep few minutes ago by dream.
    Steong images. See masked man on a plane. Man says “THIS is correct plane. THESe or THIS is correct child (children).” Stromg impression this was France. Scene switch. In airline terminal, adult man in tears saying to reporter “The child was so entertaining and finished by telling me he would see me again when I arrived at same destination. I hope he IS there when I arrive!”
    Strong feeling airplane is missing. No indication of when….have feeling this is soon.

  2. Sorry for previous typos. Have had several dreams in life that have been true in all details over time. Usually, however, I am either present in these dreams or they involve people i personally know. This one was very different.
    Awoke with strong impression of being ordered “to advice Eric at once”. Further to details: masked man was standing up with back against grey metal wall…assume inside plane. Man did not actually speak aloud. Heard his thoughts. Mask was full face and made of very light colored woven material.
    In terminal had feeling I was non visible observer located to right side of “reporter” when talking to crying man. Had impression child referred to was pre-teen boy. Had feeling of intense internal panic.

  3. I don’t think my dreams mean much but I had one last night that has left me feeling uneasy this morning. The only thing I can remember is that there was a tv on and the EBS (emergency broadcast system) was playing on it. I can’t even remember what the message was.

      1. No. I do remember waiting for the announcement of the emergency but all I can remember is them talking but the words are garbled in my memory. I’m pretty sure I woke up during the dream because I remember thinking it maybe an outside noise that made its way into my dream because it was so vivid but it was the middle of the night and the house wa silent. By the time I got back up this morning that was all I could remember. I’m in michigan so the only time you hear that around here is if you happen to be watching tv during their random tests.

  4. Well, Samantha…since I was about 9 years old, have had several dreams that remain with me…and….they were very strong ones. The details in this particular dream, there seemed to be a message…this was very odd. And the fact that this is first dream I have ever had where I was not actually present in the dream….freaked me out.

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