Cyclone Marcia and Lam

I now believe the Notes on 12-29-14 is related to the two cyclones affecting north Australia. From the destroyed shoreline houses to the raging flash floods. The great news is there are no current reports of casualties. I hope and pray for the safety of everyone in Australia.

Notes on 12-29-14   I had a visual of a very large wave crushing into a hilly area, it consumed the town that sat there. Houses where crushed in seconds, people were bobbing up and down as the wave carried them away. It consumed everything in its path.

“In 2 hours..” Which is at the end of February. I will be asking for more details, where? It was a massive natural disaster.

Notes on 1-5-15  “A major flood.. Australia.. it starts at 6.. where? the place of candy.” Spirits Voice

Notes on 2-15-15   I had a visual of a bottle of TIDE and it broke open. (The word tide has consistently been used to describe the damaging tide of the ocean.)

The Facts on 2-20-14: Cyclone Marcia and Lam Strike Australia.

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  1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  2. Jules104 Avatar

    Yes glad to hear there have been no casualties. Praying for everyone’s safety there in Australia.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks Jules.

  3. Dorothy Avatar

    Yea we been very lucky so far glad we live in South east but we still will get the rain and flooding but not the cyclone

  4. Jon Blue Avatar
    Jon Blue

    Eric, on one of your fire predictions, I cannot remember which one…a very famous residential skyscraper in Dubai is on fire right now and the winds are causing it to spread from the 50th floor. Here are two reports as this is breaking news.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks Jon.

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