Australia Cyclones

This prediction has happened. Its possible that Notes on 12-29-14 might also be related. Its unclear to me what the ‘place of candy’ represents.

Notes on 1-5-15  “A major flood.. Australia.. it starts at 6.. where? the place of candy.” Spirits Voice

The Facts on 2-19: Australia is bracing for two cyclones.


19 thoughts on “Australia Cyclones

  1. The place of candy could relate to the vast sugar cane crops in North Queensland. Cyclone Lam has been downgraded to category 3 now but still severe weather hitting and cyclone Marcia is full force category 5 and pounding the coastline of Queensland. Stay safe all those affected.

  2. The place of Candy ?, could be Toowoomba,
    there started in 2011 also the flood, who helped flooding the City BRISBANE,
    does this also has to do with the “T” ?

    • I believe they meant to say the 16th. It was around that time that this storm formed and headed towards AU. I can’t confirm that, does anyone else know when the storm formed??

  3. OMG, I think I figured out the candy reference. Brighton Rock is an English candy. I just checked and there is a suburb of Queensland called Brighton. I didn’t know there was a suburb of Queensland called Brighton. From Wikipedia: Brighton is the northernmost suburb of Brisbane City, Australia, located 19 kilometres (12 mi) north of the Brisbane CBD. The Nashville locality makes up much of the southwest of the suburb.

    • Brighton, is on the coast, cannot see how the flood can start there,
      but ….when I typed in PLace of Candy by Google, I got straight away, Toowoomba, with all the sweet factories.
      Toowoomba, is high, if the flood comes down, then it passes Brisbane, just as last time.

  4. Rockhampton where the worst of the damage is. I haven’t heard of Brighton rock, but rock is a candy in the uk, I’ve always known it as Bournemouth rock, so its probably the same as Brighton rock.

    • I believe 6 is the 16th. I can’t say when the cyclone formed, but I do recall a slight concern over what is now a full blown cyclone around that timeframe. Does anyone know when the cyclone formed over the ocean?

      • Eric, you could be right, because, we knew that in the weekend a lot of rain should be coming, so 5 days ago, we knew there was a cyclone coming. 16 th ? yes.

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