Small Japan Tsunami

The very first part of this prediction has happened. I leave it to you to debate the rest. The number 6 could be seen as 16th, my time.  But the location of the ‘west’ is completely wrong, nor is it related to previous predictions, which means the dinosaur represents something else. It’s also possible the bridge message is separate to the ‘strange visual’ which I see as this Tsunami. Perhaps I wrongly assumed they were connected. However Japan does have a very long bridge connecting their main lands.

Notes on 2-15-15   I saw the letters written in big bold letters TSUNAMI

Notes on 2-15-15    I had a visual of a very large bridge similar to that of the Golden State bridge.

I had a strange visual of a large stone dinosaur who could walk. The dinosaur slowly walked on one side of this large stone walkway with people walking behind it, on the other side of the walkway was the ocean. The dinosaur sat down and the dust from his belly filled the air. Then you could see a large plank floating in the ocean, heading quickly towards the walkway. It was obvious that the plank was about to crash into the walkway. On the plank was a large metal bull and several people worshiping the bull. As it drew closer we began to grab the poles of the walkway.  Someone yelled out.. “Brace for impact!” Then it crashed into the walkway and everyone was thrown back.

“Eric a very old prediction is about to happen.. in the west.”

I had a visual of a piece of paper, on it was written 6, then I saw a clock and both hands where pointed to 6 which was oddly placed where the 4 would normally be.

Spirit are we talking about an earthquake or an attack? I had a visual of a demon jump up out of the ground.


16 thoughts on “Small Japan Tsunami

  1. it hasn’t happened, there is a massive Tsunami coming in march/april in.

    as for yesterdays, and i quote

    “The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said there was no tsunami threat from the quake. The Japan Meteorological Agency issued a tsunami advisory shortly after the quake, warning of strong currents, but later canceled the advisory”

    • I agree with you Jon Blue. The worst…unfortunately… is about to unfold in the very very near future. Your on target Eric…but this is a precursor to a bigger event.

    • You could be right. I think there written “Tsunami” is related to Japan, but I myself am questioning if the Bridge and the plank are two completely separate messages. I need to go back and ask about the Bridge again and see what they have to say. But right now they are just throwing out so many new messages, I can’t keep up.

  2. off topic Eric but am making a special request – any insights into the danger to Europe from ISIS in Libya?
    many thanks in advance for anything you glean from encounters with Spirit

  3. saturday was a 3.4 earthquake close to vancouver. and a 4.1 earthquake off vancouver island just happened 2 hours ago. leading up to something bigger maybe???


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