Notes on 2-12-15

I had a visual of a body splashing into water. It was very dark, and oddly the body seemed to be melting into the water. “Killed.. thrown” (That could also be throne)

I had a visual of a man on stage, walking down the walkway. Then I saw the same man with very little clothes walk down the same stage posing. (Sounds like a male model.)

S – L – E – A – N

uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis. (If its a countdown, your looking at sometime around the 17th)


There will be a massive surge in finding, digging, metals.


18 thoughts on “Notes on 2-12-15

  1. S L E A N
    This is a word used in Old English that meant “to smite”, “to kill with weapons”, “to slaughter”.
    It is also a word in Irish to describe an implement used to cut turf.

    • Wonder if the use of Spanish is representative of the location. Does the part about the person in the ocean pertain to the plane crash mentioned a while back or are we sticking with the plane that went down a few weeks ago as the plane predictions?

  2. Can you explain more on the ‘massive surge of finding, digging, metals”? The visuals you got or exactly how it was portrayed. What did it look like and what was surrounding you? What part of the world you were located in?

    • They only portrayed people digging for metals. I assume its either a new type of tool used to get the metals, or someone finds a gold mine of metals. It goes with a more distant prediction of how we are destroying our planet and its consequences.

  3. Hi Eric
    uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis
    Those are lyrics from Pretty fly for a white guy (the offspring).
    I don’t know if it has anything to do with the band?

  4. This may not be relevant but…There is a Canadian singer named Sarah Slean who was married to another singer named Royal Wood. They both have concerts coming up in Ontario. They have “walked the runway” at special events having to do with modeling and the environment and nature?? Here are some links;


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