Notes on 2-1-15

A moment of Clarity. They have not changed their tune of a threat in NJ even though we are wrong with our timeframe of 1-24.

Is there a threat to superbowl?   “Not that we see.. run out.. hot dogs.”

The NJ situation? ” in about 4 minutes.” (Minutes means days, sometime around the 4th)

“Paris situation hours away.” (Hours means months)

I had a visual of Spirit pointing to a part in the ocean with a marker on it. Sounds like another plane crash or ship sinking in the middle of the ocean.

Notes on 1-18-15  discusses a date that now seems more related back to NJ not the plane.

25 thoughts on “Notes on 2-1-15”

  1. Might that finger pointing to the ocean mean that’s where a plane that’s already missing, will be found? I’m thinking of the Malaysian plane that was never found.

  2. Eric, I love the Hot dog comment.! It has made me laugh continuously. Dry humor…just my style.

    1. Hi Aldo. I think only that they run out of food (hot dogs), is what Spirit is saying. Which to some Americans may be catastrophic. LOL 😉

  3. Eric, so Spirit is saying NJ is a bomb in a building and France is an airplane crash? Is NJ related to the bell tower, debris falling and stay inside? Sorry I’m just confused between the two. Thanks for all your hard work.

    1. The bomb attack is expected small in NJ and coming soon. The Paris attack involves a plane, is suppose to be massive and expected in a few months, there was mention of 4-11 but not sure if that is connected.

      1. 4-11 might indicate an al-Qaeda operation because they are obsessed with “11” dates. Could be 4/11 or 11/4.

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