UN Declares Mali Ebola-Free

These predictions are starting.

Notes on 10-12-14 Ebola Prediction
“Help is coming
a worldwide front to tackle the virus
however late it may be,
the problem contained quickly
April it dwindles, over,  for now.” Spirits Voice

Predictions for 2015  On its way out: Al Assad, old Egyptian leaders, Al Bashir, the voice of the radical right, Kim Jong Un, Ebola smashed with little left.

Predictions on 10-25-14    Ebola
I had a visual of an arrow pointing south.
Now it will spread south and without immediate control.
But then containment follows, the world focused on containment

Notes on 10-14-14  “AIDS, Diabetes, Ebola, and now Cancer all major medical breakthroughs.. such a better, safer, healthier world on the horizon, this year and next. ” — Spirits Voice

The Facts: “I declare this day… the end of the epidemic of the Ebola virus in Mali,” Quoted by Health Minister Ousmane Kone

6 responses to “UN Declares Mali Ebola-Free”

  1. Jules104 Avatar

    Thanks for that Eric. Great news when some was much needed. Blessings to You and Spirits for all you do!

    1. travis Avatar

      I agree with jules with all the depressing news this is much needed.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Yes it is, thanks

  2. Amanda Avatar

    What about in the US?Are we safe?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      They have not mentioned any issue at all. So I think so.

  3. Amanda Avatar

    Could you please check?I live in Washington state.

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