Notes on 1-15-15

I had a visual of a wolf (lone wolf?) walking past a bomb disposal robot.  “Terror.. Terror”

I had a visual of a clock strike 12, ‘Now’

“This is all so horribly wrong.” Spirits Voice

Eric’s Comments: A lone wolf attack is coming very soon. They implied its an existing prediction, perhaps Australia’s terror attack prediction. They also implied we are out of time.


51 thoughts on “Notes on 1-15-15

  1. Hi Eric, I am sad to read this, perhaps there is still a chance that it could be foiled. Are you still feeling something possibly imminent in Ontario (Toronto)? Thank you for doing your very best to get out spirits message. Let’s pray that more will be unsuccessful. I hope we see a more peaceful period sooner than later. Nick

  2. Hi EricAnother hostage drama situation is unfolding in Paris. Gunmen has taken hostages in a post office.I’m new to the psychic world. I need your guidance. Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone. From: World PredictionsSent: Friday, January 16, 2015 03:40To: psubrayan29@gmail.comReply To: World PredictionsSubject: [New post] Notes on 1-15-15

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    Eric Leigh-Pink posted: “I had a visual of a wolf (lone wolf?) walking past a bomb disposal robot.  “Terror.. Terror”

    I had a visual of a clock strike 12, ‘Now’

    “This is all so horribly wrong.” Spirits Voice

    Eric’s Comments: A lone wolf attack is coming very soon. They implied”

  3. Eric since the clock is striking 12 in this prediction, do you think it relates to this one from 12/23/14? And if so, would it be speaking of England since its after France?
    Notes on 12-23-14 I had a visual of a very large clock, its hands clicked and turned, it was almost 12.
    I had a visual of an explosion in a building, the explosion was on the 2nd or 3rd floor but clearly not on the ground floor.
    Where are the threats? “Ontario Canada, France, England, New York… go inside guns, guns… they will be taken against their will… bombing explosion.” (I believe they are describing the type of events that will occur, its very possible they are in order, with the gun attack in Ontario. There was something about Italy but not entwined with these events.)
    “The gun attack leads to legislation”
    I had a visual of the US flag drop to the ground.
    I had a visual of an orange cut into multiple pieces and placed in different cups of water. “They are not separate attacks, but arranged, orchestrated.

    • Jules104, sounds possible… So UK is next..? Ontario was in October, .,,2014.. France in Jan..2015.. NY/NJ. End of JAN..@24?
      How does that fit timeline? Post was in Dec, 23,2014.. I hoping we can figure out puzzle..

      • That was my thought Star48. Perhaps this happens before the NY/NJ plot. And I noticed that date afterwards. Hmmm. Also the suspects captured while trying to escape from France to Torino, Italy through the Frejas Tunnel. It reminded me of that capital “T” and the mention of Italy. I feel like the predictions are somewhat scrambled together. But it seems as though the authorities are foiling a lot of these spiders plans lately. Which is great!

      • My mistake Star48. I meant Turin, Italy. Not Torino. Also I forgot about the Notes on 1-8-15, Eric asking… Spirit tell me what the next terror threat is?
        “Australia, Canada, the sister city, “T” — Spirits Voice
        Perhaps it is Australia.

      • Report on TV Car stopped in CT. Radioactive signal found., 4 in car license plates did not match car.. 1 arrested… Will wait for more info

  4. Eric do you think the wolf/lone wolf that walks past the bomb disposal robot could be disguised/ dressed in a police uniform? In this article I read earlier for these recent terrorists, they found stolen police uniforms among other things. Also it said they were carrying large duffle bags. “police approached three suspects as they carried large duffel bags outside of a former bakery that might have been their lair”. This reminded me of the men with duffle bags in the desert you saw.

  5. The clock struck 12. Just heard about the Doomday Clock. Could this be related with older post of December 3rd?

  6. Hi eric, thankyou for your predictions. I have to clarify something with you tho, the terror attack in australia, was not a terror attack. It was done by a man who was mentally ill, and who just happened to be a muslim. He had no connections with isis, al qaeda, or any other terrorist group in connection with him. He was very very unwell mentally at the time and, was having delusions of grandeur.. Our prime minister sensationalised the whole thing by telling the world it was a terrorist, when in truth it wasn’t. A similar thing happened many years ago, by a mentally ill man named martin bryant. He was also very very unwell mentally, and shot many many ppl. None the less tho it was a terrible tragedy which bought my country to it’s knees,,

    • LOL, silly me, i didn’t read the above comment before posting dah, and i actually forgot about the floods upnorth.. anyway there ya go the place of candy is Cairns, Townsville.. because of the sugar cane 🙂

      • The notes on 12-29 might also be talking about the flooding in the north, especially since a lot of it is in a raging river view, however if that’s the case their message is a bit exaggerated.

      • No Eric, it’s still going, this is totally normal tho it happens every year, it’s just that we’ve got more rain this year than ever and there is no cyclone..

        Far north Queensland prepares for more rain, flooding after weekend drenching

        By Sharnie Kim and Kier Shorey

        Posted Mon at 9:37amMon 9 Feb 2015, 9:37am

        Map: Cairns 4870

        Far north Queensland residents are bracing for more heavy rainfall today after a weekend soaking.

        Between 300 and 450 millimetres of rain drenched many areas between Cairns and Tully on the weekend.

        Malanda on the Atherton Tablelands had some of the heaviest falls.

        Beryl Klye lives nearby on the Johnstone River.

        “The river had come up and was coming over its bank at the chook house,” she said.

        “In the 33 years I’ve lived here it has never happened that way.”

        Dave Alford also lives near Malanda.

        “We got a cement causeway that’s just pipes from underneath, just been scoured out and gone, gone,” he said.

        A man was rescued from the Barron River at Kamerunga yesterday afternoon after his car became swamped and the State Emergency Service responded to multiple calls for help.

        There is a flood watch for north tropical coast catchments between Cape Tribulation and Cardwell.

        The weather bureau issued final flood warning for the Barron, Mulgrave, Russell and Johnstone rivers about 4:00am (AEST) today.

        However, forecaster Bill O’Connor said the situation could change.

        “We weren’t anticipating to see such a continuation of this line moving through from Gordonvale from Cairns we’ve seen this morning,” he said.

        “I did see that Peets Bridge we’ve got down under that five-metre mark and just had a quick look at it and it’s back around that five-metre mark which means it’s probably just over the road again.”

        Topics: rainfall, emergency-planning, floods, cairns-4870, gordonvale-4865, kamerunga-4870, malanda-4885

  7. what the? Eric, the above comment was in reply to your comment “Does anyone have any news articles, sites, videos on the stormy weather in the north, is it over now?” I don’t know why my comments keep getting posted in the wrong places?

  8. Eric,
    on Feb 9 th I commented and posted video of flooding in the north..please note..
    It is on the Australian flooding thread. – you posted Jan 10th..

  9. Hi Eric, star48, I’ve copied and pasted a couple of comments from the article from the guardian above, which i tried to post myself concerning the floods up in FNQ. These comments are from some of the residents of the area. Please don’t take what the mainstream media says to literally, they sensationalize things to get ratings. Eric, i’m not saying that your wrong, your not your right, i’m just saying the media sensationalises things for monetary gain.

    Kitchensponge 6d ago…

    “Worst flooding in 30 years! You must be joking. It was barely a heavy dew.
    FNQ resident”…

    FNQRebecca Kitchensponge 6d ago:..

    “I had to block the downpipes to even get the gutters to overflow!”

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