Foiled US Capitol Terror Attack

This prediction has happened, they never mentioned the location, however they presented January as a month when there would be a ‘massive increase in terror attacks’.

Notes on 12-24-14   Terror attacks: One will be foiled.. The 27th (or the 2nd, 7 representing the day) is marked with a bomb. (They implied they predicted that before.)
To clarify we are predicting a massive increase in terror attacks, some foiled, some not, in a span of a month. The old predictions have arrived.

Notes on 1-4-15  I had a visual of aluminum foil that was wrapped around something circular. — This is a vision that something like a terror attack will be foiled, why its circular is in question.

The Facts on 1-14-15: “The FBI today arrested an Ohio man for allegedly plotting an ISIS -inspired attack on the U.S. Capitol, where he hoped to set off a series of bombs aimed at lawmakers, whom he allegedly considered enemies.” Quoted by:

12 thoughts on “Foiled US Capitol Terror Attack

    1. I thought the same exact thing; also the foil wrapped around the circular object was symbolic of the golden dome of the capital.

    1. Hi Jules, I thought the same thing. Just read that the authorities say that they foiled a plot much like Charlie Hebeo. Interestingly enough, there was a photo of a building where the alleged perpetrators were meeting or living; it was an apartment above a bakery. Thank God things are being foiled.

      1. Oh my gosh Lia. I was just about to add that Bakery reference. I can’t help but see the similarities between the Bell in Belgium, and the View in Verviers, (though it’s not an actual view word). Just popped out at me. You know?

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