South Australia Flood

This prediction has happened, its unclear what the ‘candy’ message is about. The six seems to be a countdown as this event has unfolded about 6 days after it was predicted.

Notes on 1-5-15  “A major flood.. Australia.. it starts at 6.. where? the place of candy.” Spirits Voice

The Facts reported on 1-10 : “Once-in-50-year rain event soaks South Australia and Victoria.  Wild weather has begun to lash parts of South Australia and Victoria, in a once-in-50-year rain event.   Heavy rain has already forced the closure of a number of outback roads in SA, including the Birdsville, Oodnadatta and Strzelecki Tracks, with fears of flash flooding.  At Tieyon, near the SA/NT border, 120mm of rain has fallen in the last 24 hours with more on the way.” Quoted by Read more at


17 thoughts on “South Australia Flood

  1. Eric, I am not sure what the candy message is as well. I was in central australis for the last big flood in 1968? I was on a school trip which was flooded in for 10 days at Uluru. What was amazing was that with the rain erupted an amazing display of wild flowers over the ground that are rarely seen. Could this be candy? I remember some american tourists being upset because they came to see the endless red dirt and instead saw a sea of wildflowers! I don’t know if this helps, Alison

  2. Hey Eric, this is a late reply sorry darl, but i just found this prediction, I know what their talking about with “the place of candy.” Up in north Queensland near Cairns, Townsville,we have the sugar cane crops and industry, Where the sugar is made. Just about every year there is a cyclone, and it always hits townsville, Cairns, Darwin regions. Where i live we always get flooded as do they, as i’m in Brisbane. I’m wondering if this flood their talking about is yet to come?.. I mean you were right about the SA floods, but i just wonder if their talking about another cyclone up north, as we haven’t had one yet, which is very unusual for us not too.. Just a thought.

    • We are going through this now. We are flooded in, but have been sheltered from the eye of the storm thankgod. Yappon has been devastated, flattened like someone has just run over it with a rolling pin. Where i am, the dams have reached capacity and are overflowing. They will have to release water, which means massive flooding for us ( brisbane). We have only got the low pressure system atm, the cyclone hasn’t hit us yet. It’s due to hit us tonight, and hopefully the wind won’t be to bad. It was originally predicted to be 90 klms per hour, but may be les now that it’s been down graded. to a category 3, which is better, but still dangerous. Looks like my family and i, will be stuck here for at least a week. I listened to your prediction earlier eric and got supplies, food water, batteries ect. So thankyou for predicting it, you may have saved our lives, for if i hadn’t had listened to your prediction i wouldn’t have gotten any supplies and would have been stranded here for the next 1-2 weeks without food or supplies. Eric i will email you the latest now, to keep you up to date. Thanks again..

      • Dear ones, glad to hear that you are safe at this time.. I will keep you and yours in my thoughts and prayers…blessings to you..keep us up to date..

      • Thank you very much for your gratitude. I will relay your message to Spirit. They should get the most acknowledgement, this is their work, and I am the mail man. Please continue to stay safe, I will continue to pray for your safety and the safety of everyone in Australia during this massive storm. I ask all of you reading this to please put out a prayer for all those in Australia, keep our wonderful neighbors safe.

  3. Thankyou Eric and thank you everyone, I think your prayers have worked coz brisbane has had no wind at all from the cyclone, just major flooding which is normal for us after a cyclone. I’ll be stuck here for a while and will probably get cabin fever lol, but at least we are alive and well ;0).. A special thankyou to Eric’s guides (Thanks guys for the warning it’s very much appreciated. Your messenger is doin a great job!, sending lots of love to you all (((( )))) I feel really sorry tho for those who have lost their homes in yeppoon and other places, these twin cyclones were unprecedented and just catastrophic. As soon as the floods finish and everything settles down, we will be heading up to yeppoon to help with the clean up. Thanks again for all your support and prayers xoxox


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