A Review of 2014 Predictions


Here is a short review of Predictions made in 2014. Spirit had one goal this year and that was to become far more specific than they ever had before. If you look at the old predictions of 2012 when we first started world predictions there was always a level of vagueness that made the work hazy and open to criticism. This year they narrowed some of the predictions down to cities instead of only its nation. One example of how exact they became was the percent of the ‘No’ votes in the Scotland vote for independence, 55%. Here is a list of our successful predictions. Their success brings us that much closer to our ultimate mission of changing these predictions through awareness. Imagine how much good could come out of our mission:

Typhoon Hagupit Strikes the Philippines
Predictions on 10-25-14  I had a visual of  several crushed houses floating in water…

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5 thoughts on “A Review of 2014 Predictions”

  1. Well eric even though it was lots of negative you really do have a wonderful gift and i am proud and happy to have stumbled acrossed your site keep up the great effort.

  2. Eric I am hearing there is expected to be up to 25 thousand police officers attending the funeral of the two slain NYPD Officers ( I believe some of them are expected to be coming from Canada also). It will be in Queens, NY on the 27th of December. I’m feeling very uneasy for all of them there. Do you have any thoughts on this event? Praying all goes well.

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