Notes 12-19-14

Another terror attack, really!? The Spirits implied a trilogy of events. This being the second one along with the attack in New York/ New Jersey. Its location is unknown other than being a large city but I am working on its location. They did imply that one of three is in Europe, this could be it.
I had a visual of a location down town because I looked up to see very high skyscrapers.
“An explosion
Party is over
2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 (A time frame or countdown. In two days? In ten days? A party of New Years Eve?)” — Spirits Voice

I had a visual of glass doors of a building opening, I was in an old marble looking room. It was very large and had a very large ceiling. In some ways it looked like an old train station however there where people in line very similar to what is done at a bank.

I had a visual of a man looking behind chairs then a sofa, behind the area was shoes and sandals. A location of some kind.

77 thoughts on “Notes 12-19-14”

  1. The numbers started with 2 and ended with 10, it could represent a gap between one attack and the next attack, which implies again a new years eve event. Please again get the word out there, focus on the sharing of the word.

    1. is there any parades/events on jan 2nd/10th.its a friday. Something with big ballons.i had a dream related to this first event. its a parade. i came out of building and i looked to the sky and said its awfully dark. i asked for the time and it was 12.30. i looked to the sky and saw big floats/ballons in the air. Bomb im guessing is a bagpack which was another message.

  2. so could be midnight on the first which is new years eve which happens to be the celebration of mary,mother of god in the catholic church whos divine name is ISIS.

    1. Hi Anthony,
      Cradle Catholic here… I’ve never heard the Blessed Mother referred to or given the name/title ISIS. Now there is an Egyptian Goddess named ISIS.
      A little confused

      1. last church is coptic. out of egypt he will come. which explains why the women sit on left in church and the men on the right.Priests are married.

    2. Anthony is right. Coptic Christians had much more loose beliefs on the Love of God and what was involved. Different names for God and such. Even gays were loved and venerated. My two favourite saints are St Bacchus and St Sergius. Two lovers who were made saints during the 5th Century. Even Anglicans, Lutherans and Presbyterians proclaim the catholic church in their doctrine. That is with a small ‘c’ not a big ‘C’, thankfully. There is a HUGE difference and you can google it, omarie to learn more. Catholics used to scare me until Pope Francis came along because of all the abuse children faced (even many of my family members) both sexually and physically. He was the first pope to clean house and admit the corruption and horror and wasted money. I, like many of us are thankful for Pope Francis though I am not Catholic. I am Anglican and Buddhist. And yes, you should read the novel THE RED TENT. It will teach you of how women kept their own goddess ISIS within the realm of their own tent. I studied Religion as a minor at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Namaste, my friend.The big ‘C’ Catholic Church has hidden truth for a long time. Pope Francis is finally allowing its flock to know these truths by admitting to coverups and oppression. I highly recommend taking a few courses on Religion from a few UK Universities online to help fill in the blanks.

      1. Wow, where do I start….. I have studied many religions outside of my faith including, but not limited to judisim, Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, Shintoism, Hinduism, confusiousism. Also many American religions, such as Mormons, Amish, Dunkirds, Mennonite, Shackers etc. Other Protestant denominations as well. Shoot, i taught in a Quaker School, which i enjoyed immensely ( a mini silent meeting was a great way to start the day!). I am familure with the Coptic Church. In addition I read the RED TENT when it was first published. Enjoyed the book . You could say I am very well educated.
        And despite that education I have NEVER lectured or dismissed anothers church/faith…ever, even now.
        I studied all of these different faiths not to find out the differences, as I knew why they were different, but to find out what they had in common as I believe there are many paths to God.
        I am appalled at the negative/anti-catholic tone, irregardless on how politely it’s given.
        I respect each and everyone’s belief I encounter on this blog, (and in my daily life) no matter how different it may be from mine. I am a firm believer that example is the best teacher.
        I am seriously disappointed. I think the best thing for me to do is step away for awhile… Wow

      2. It was definitely not meant to offend but to speak the truth of what the Catholic Church covered up for a very long time. My mother was a victim of sexual abuse from a priest along with two of my cousins. So it hits home. I will never step in a Catholic Church because of that. My mother was permanently damaged. Catholics seems to always get offended when the world mentions the corruption within the Church. There is no anti-Catholic sentiment other than the damage it did to my immediate family. When a priest molests you, you would probably not want to go near one again either.
        I am very glad you read THE RED TENT but I am surprised in all your studies you never learned that the goddess Isis was much like the Virgin Mary. Surprised you did not get that from the goddesses the women held within the Red Tent.
        I apologize if you read it offensively but I will not apologize for the bringing up the truths of horrors of the Catholic Church from the molestation and abuse that now the wonderful Pope Francis has finally acknowledge and literally condemned those priests instead of placing them in other parishes to molest more. Until you are a victim of sexual abuse by those monsters that are supposed to be held in high esteem, you will never understand what one faces as a child. No one believed these children for the longest time and finally that changed. Until you have lived in other people’s shoes, you may never understand what they feel like when they are abused by the one set of people we were supposed to trust. The Catholic Church I can find forgiveness for but I will never forget nor will I ever trust them now. Somehow you must understand that if you were abused, you would never trust the abuser again no matter how much they apologize. Peace to you.

          1. Wow! I don’t consider myself Catholic…but I do Love this Pope. Just what God intended for the world in my opinion. Wonderful article. Blessings Star48

  3. God,
    I just want this garbage over with, i just want some good news from spirit once in a while, like things will become better, things will get brighter.. darkness begins to lift, i know they said ’14 is dark and we are still in 14 technically.. cold war with russia, cyber attacks by North Korea, Isis, boko haram etc etc

    Eric, i know you’re going to post the 15 rollout regardless but can you ask spirit when some light will come in the midst of all this dark turmoil?

    1. I think we have a few years left of bad news and then it will clear some. I think Spirit sends warnings instead of carrying on about good news as that should be pleasant surprises in the darkness. Spirits focus on the bad news in hopes of saving people. Just my humble opinion.

  4. I am just going to tell myself that these will all be failed predictions. I don’t want to believe that this stuff is actually going to happen. ugh. Let’s just hope this is ALL thwarted 🙂

    1. And eric, obviously that’s not to discredit you, you are extremely talented and gifted and spirit is spot on, It’s of course highly likely that you will be right. It’s just hard to stomach.

      1. I agree Jennifer. Ugh. I tend to think we’d all rather see them be failed/foiled predictions and have others say…oh you all are wrong, that didn’t happen…then any of them come to pass.

      2. Believe me I know, I can’t get my own head out of this mess. I am worried that if and when this happens it will hit me really hard emotionally. I keep hoping that it will be foiled, that by some help from above I will wake up to read the terrorist failed. Unfortunately I have little doubt, I do doubt the timing, they say now and sometimes that ends up happening months later.

  5. Hi Eric. I can’t help but think of the three is key again. It seems like over the last year we have had a lot of threes in some of the predictions. Do u feel any could be related? Also Norway comes to mind from past predictions. And…You and Spirits are doing a great job! I know it’s not the predictions some may want right now, but it sounds like Spirit knows what it is we need to hear in order to try and make the change which is needed for the good of ALL. And isn’t that what this is all about anyway? Trying to change the future for the better? I have faith that the light will overcome the darkness. Praying for World.

    1. I agree how things have been terrible and its very frightning and hard to deal with but i do pray and have hope in the end light will prevail they say everything happens for a reason so maybe all the evil is to make change for good i guess cause if it was all good im sure a lot of people wouldnt care for the world or others just a thought. Blessings to all happy holisays and hopefully we move on to greater things in the comming year.

      1. It begins on JFK Blvd at City Hall and continues down Broad St. It includes bands from S.Jersey as well as Philadelphia area.

  6. Eric

    You mentioned before a prediction of a terrorist attack somewhere in Europe, possibly the Netherlands/Belgium. After reading this latest I googled marble train stations and found Belgium’s Antwerp Station. Please take a look and see what you think.

        1. Hi Alison. It’s pretty easy to do once you get the hang of it. You just click on the address in the address bar at the top like the, “http”, thing and waite for it to say “copy” or “copy all” or something like that in black. (Well that’s if you are on a smart phone). Then you go to where you are replying or commenting and click there in the box. It may say “paste” I think. You click on the paste and the “link” appears for the other person to click on and go to. Oh on a computer you “highlight” the website in the “address/toolbar” where it has the http website thingy, by taking your mouse and holding the button and dragging it over that until it turns blue. Then hold the ctrl button and push c. Then go to where you are going to comment or reply in the box and put your arrow there like you were going to type. Push the ctrl, (control alt), button and push v. You have to hold those buttons at the same time. Same with the c. That wasn’t a very good description but I am in the “Dino”, stay at home Mom Generation. Ugh!! I practiced by emailing things to myself at first a long time ago. LOL. My kids say I’m a Dino and grew up in the “dark ages”. I am beginning to think they are correct. Hope that helps. Blessings.

  7. Eric/All. Did we have a prediction with the number 31 in a calendar box once also? And the glass skyscrapers with you looking out the window, an explosion, the two children sleeping, the slow moving SUV. Could this be related?

  8. i hope this link works its the train station in paris coverted to a museum…i intend to look up others…does this look anything like what you saw eric…my payers and thoughts are with you eric all the support in the world to you dear heart…

    1. Hi Rhona. I was actually reading an article lastnight on how a lot of these train stations resemble works of art. I believe the one in Antwerp Belgium was voted the most beautiful. Will try to find the link with pics. Blessings To You!

      1. Hi jules that would be appreciated…this is anothet i found in amsterdam …the tram lets people off at the money exchange just one stop from Central station.Its a very busy tourist exchange precinct…potts i believe its called…i lost the link
        will try again…im not sure i have the correct name …

      2. Thanks michelle i searched train stations converted to banks …even though this one is a museum i too dae this one in a meditation vision in sept…it was simply a drop in pic and when that happens it usually is significant in some way ……sending light to these areas anyway it can only help…

      Here is that link. I also noticed there is a “Presedential Lounge”, that is inside Helsinki, Finlands for the Finnish(?) Presidents use. In the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC I saw where they actually have lounges, cafés etc. multiple ones on different floors some have couches and chairs for certain level members. Just a thought. Also there is another Metro Museum of Art in NYC called The Cloisters. It has a square tower that looks like an old castle/church, which is still in the city but not as well seen since it is surrounded by a lot of trees and sort of on the outskirts. Just another thought. Probably nothing. It sort of sounded as if this marble room/building was for Europe maybe.

  9. I read a while back that there is a big terrorist plot. The pot revolved around hijacking of planes in London. I also hear from a credible source last night that there is going to be some sort of attack (or sacrifice) in Denver on the winter solstice. All such scary ideas.

    1. Hi Kellyrosepalmer. I live in the Denver suburbs near the Redrocks Ampitheater. My daughter told me they have some sort of gathering there each year on the 21st for the Winter Solstice. Unless it were a terrorist act I can’t imagine they do to much of anything. I had been wondering about that area though after Michelle shared her dream/visions that she has gotten. I think she said there was one with a place that people stood on a rock or cliff place (something like that) to take pictures of themselves with the city in the background. There are certain spots in the Redrocks Ampitheater which you can do that and a lot of people/tourists take advantage of it. They also have a Rock and Roll Museum inside the area which is all open to the public. I wonder what Michelle thinks of that location for the rock/city vision.

      1. I’ll look at the info tonight jules and see if it looks firmilar. I really didn’t know where to start with the rock but I know it to see it…is this a national park of some sort or land with mountains or hills? I know it wasn’t around me so I is hard to figure out. I’ll look in a little bit and get back to you;)

  10. Eric, from earlier posting… I feel the attack ID something related to a Television connection..does it have to happen – for the world to change? SEE…
    Posted on December 3, 2014 by Eric Leigh-Pink
    I had a vision I was watching TV and numbers were counting down 5,4,3,2,1 ‘1’ is where it ended. Then I saw of group of the Spirits look at the TV and they had a sad look on their face, and there was silence in the room.
    Something is about to happen, and it sounds like one of their darker predictions is coming or is it an extension to the message below?
    “Any new world predictions for me Spirit?” I asked
    “Right now we are on hold, almost ready Eric, the foundation must be altered. Then we will have the change we want.”

  11. Has anyone heard of the two NYPD officers that were just “assassinated”? These two officers were just sitting in their patrol vehicle and someone came up to them and shot them both in the head once then tan away??? Things are getting very ugly out there.

    1. Hi Kellyrosepalmer. Yes I saw that lastnight. Someone had posted it on here. People have lost so much respect and value for others lives. It is such a tragedy for these two Officers, their family members, loved ones, and friends who are left behind. I don’t understand how a person can do things such as this. I don’t think I will ever get it. Praying for NYPD, and all involved.

    1. Oh Eric you are so funny. You did try to convince her though. But bagels does sound good right now. LOL. Be safe. I always think on that “You in the cooler” post! Praying that if it’s tomorrow it will be foiled.

        1. Oh Star48. I hate to even say it…I didn’t get it. Ugh. (Smear the cream cheese?? Sneer?) I really need to get out more I think. Sheesh. 😳

  12. The ‘shoes and sandals’ imagery is interesting. I’m Hindu and we always remove our shoes before entering a temple. I’m sure there must be a similar custom in other religions. Do you think the marble building could be a religious building of some sort?

    1. Foiled…that’s great news! I just happened to read the comments section on the end of that article. Sheesh. Such dark thoughts for all Muslims. Some people are so full of hate, it’s no wonder the world is going through rough times right now. Praying those full of so much hate for others, no matter your religious affinity, see the light and love God has intended for us ALL.

  13. Unlike most of today’s skyscrapers, the Empire State Building features an art deco design, typical of pre–World War II architecture in New York. The modernistic stainless steel canopies of the entrances on 33rd and 34th Streets lead to two story-high corridors around the elevator core, crossed by stainless steel and glass-enclosed bridges at the second-floor level. The elevator core contains 67 elevators.
    Does anyone know what these “glass-enclosed bridges” are? Thinking on a previous prediction for the “crystal bridges”. These happen to be on the second floor I believe, and have something to do with the elevator core.

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