Wow, Spirit said it would be a great idea but I had no idea that the one question reading would be such a popular idea. Unfortunately because it’s so popular the wait went from 10 days to what is now 15-20 days. Also at your request you can now purchase gift certificates for your loved ones, just email me for the details at Thanks


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  1. Lia Avatar

    Eric, I am so happy for you – I think that I will not integrate your one question idea into my online business; I am a handwriting analyst. I would like to have you do a one question reading for me, so I’ll submit to you and patiently wait:)

    1. Lia Avatar

      Oops! I meant to say that I WILL integrate the one question idea into my own business – sorry about the word ‘not’ appearing – I meant to type ‘now.’ Eric, I think spirit is trying to tell me something through an inadvertent typo! LOL! Anyway, it is a great idea, Eric!

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