Notes on 12-2-14

“China, treason, panic, panic, put to death.” — Spirits Voice

I had a visual of a large rat sitting up eating a piece of cheese, he had beady black eyes that looked disturbing.

8 thoughts on “Notes on 12-2-14

  1. Rat represents year of the rat?? Referencing the chinese zodiac. Next Year of Rat is 2020 or a leader born in the year of the rat?
    Cheese=gluttony….or….prosperous? Greedy? (Beady eyes-evil undertone)

  2. i think there is many in china who work in government doing alot of side deals. Just like others in many parts of the world. Alot of bad loans and cover up’s. when you steal money there,espically when the government has vested interest you usually get shot. Many stories in the newspapers with people in power caught with expensive stuff like import cars,gold,cash,bribes,..list goes on and on.

  3. R2D2, Eric , I seem to remember in a reply this year from Eric, that the rat could also stand for Moblike people. Eric, is that correct? I looked under Glossary. It was not listed.

    1. I don’t put it under the glossary unless its for certain. But I believe a rat is seen as someone who easily betrays a judas, a narc, etc. But we need to verify first.

  4. I recently had another “horse in a harness dream”. This time instead of the rope harness it was a leather one. Instead of the horse being lowered down, this time it was risen up from a pit…where we had to explain to very sad children that the horse was dead. This horse was brown. I still don’t know exactly what the horse means…the things that mean the most sense to me are,
    *trojan horse
    *civility/civil rights
    I can’t explain why.

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